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  1. I was under the impression it was bought with the kit already on it from the dealer. The fit/finish/paintwork looks like it came out of the factory. Anyone know for sure?
  2. I love my car but damn is it slow to accelerate and with more than 1 other person in the car the thing really struggles to find its feet. The mpg isnt great either and I dont particularly push it hard or rev beyond 2-3000. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons I was pretty much forced to get a 1.4 (first insurance policy, high insurance etc). Come march though I should be able to move up to a bigger engine so I'm currently considering another focus. Was thinking of a 1.6 tdci 109ps. Looking for a decent acceleration boost and better mpg. Most of my journeys are short city driving as I liv
  3. My 2005 mk2 focus has a full MS Design kit (including wheels). Anyone know if ford ever had an option for this kit as an optional factory extra? Just wondering if the kit was installed after the car was bought Thanks
  4. My mk2 is being serviced today. I bought the car in march and there was a sticker on the inside door panel stating it needed an oil+filter change at 55000km so I know that much is getting done. I cant find my service book though and was wondering is there anything else that needs to be done at this service interval?
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