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  1. Was thinking of getting some of these fitted. Are they worth the price premium over cheaper models i.e. Steel mate and Veba? Thanks
  2. what did you go in for though? You must have needed something correcting.
  3. darks ones therefore Moondust Silver? Was only looking at fronts, cannot imagine they would really be need for the rear windows.
  4. Was going to order a set of these from Allen Ford and noticed that there are transparent and dark sport. Which to get fo you think? I guess park sport to stand out more or transparent if you don't want to be noticed too much.
  5. I enquired with my Ford dealer regarding if there was a software update for the 2.0 tdci, I was told that there might be but you'd have to book the car in, its then plugged into the machine and if there is an update it would cost £50 plus VAT. Does this sound right? I guess it is the dealers time up update the PCN as a labour charge would be justified I suppose. Anyone went ahead and done this? My enquiry was from an MPG aspect as it could be better in the 2.0 tdci.
  6. Overall Very over 12 years (6 with each) very reliable - did not break down once. 1.6 engine is not at its best on the motorway, but was okay. Handling very great, you can really have driving fun in a Focus. Ride a bit firm but okay. Too much tyre noise though. Towards the end the ownership experience deterioted somewhat though have to say. Ford's stone thrash on the lower front sill and bottom of rear door area was a £350 bodywork repair bill.I really don't think that their paint protection is very good. Front wheel bearing noise sounded like an aircraft about to take off.
  7. Thank you. how stupid of me. Me and new technology !!!
  8. Hi I've been reading the manual in terms of accessing the Sync menu system and turning on the ambient lighting - all to no avail. I do not appear to have a 'settings' in the menus system. Can anyone help?
  9. Just been doing the maths (taking into account a Ford Ambassador voucher) £850 off petrol and £500 of diesel. Will will take a good while (6 years at average mileage assuming diesel / petrol prices remain differential remains) to make up the difference
  10. give it a couple of months and it will be replaced by the 1.0 ecoboost anyway.
  11. Driven the ecoboost in a Focus - very nice. With discounts have got difference down to about £700. Also I plan to keep it for 6 years or so. My thoughts are with the tdci at the moment. And it can be chipped too. The 140 tdci csn ber taken up to 170 ps
  12. Finding it difficult to decide - what do people think?
  13. Thanks everyone. I nearly fell off my chair at £75.00. As people point out I though it would be a few squid. Am going back. What's the Finnis codes for the Mk 2.5 or MK3 replacements?
  14. Ford dealer told me today that parts only is ----wait for it £75!!! then about 30 minutes fitting. Over £100 just to replace 2 washer jets
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