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  1. Does anyone know how these come off please?
  2. It is carbon fibre look alike, i want to take the lower chrome off but not sure how it comes off.
  3. i Think it goes well with the carbon fibre ford badge and number plates.
  4. Took some doing but got it off and replaed it with a new one that i covered in carbon fibre.
  5. i upgraded my stereo in my 08 and ended up with dash problems and had to put the standard stereo back in. I ended up fitting a parrot 9200mki to my car which has bluetooth and is able to play music from usb,ipod and sd card. (cheapest place i found was carphone warehouse online £150 free delivery and you will also need an adaptor to connect to stereo they are cheap on ebay or halford £20
  6. Does anyone know if the Focus mk2.5 has the auto-lock feature, if so do you know the squence to arm it please. cheers
  7. Cheers just wanted to check as i could get it all off barring the bit nearest the wheel arch and i didnt want to pull to hard and break it.
  8. Does anyone know how to remove the front fog light trim off a mk2.5
  9. i have an 08 model, does anyone know how this comes off please? cheers
  10. it turns out it had something to do with my new stereo? Ford couldnt find a fault and asked me to take out the stereo and see if it still happened and it stopped? i dont know what the problem was as i was using the pioneer to ford connection cable? anyway ive taken it out and im back to my standard stereo, cant be bothered to work round the problem. So if anyone is looking for a FORD FOCUS FASCIA SURROUND PANEL FP-07-11 SILVER or FORD Focus Car Steering Wheel Stalk Adaptor PC99-X50 give me a pm and ill sort you out a good price. Also got the pioneer stereo on ebay aswell, its a great bit
  11. its been sitting there for nearly 2 hrs now and it is still on. Have phoned ford and booked it in.
  12. i just noticed this morning that the display between the speedo and the rev counter was on when i went to the car. i drove to work left it for 9 hours and when i came back i could still see the mileage and the clock? im sure this used to go off after 45mins-1hour, so my question is has anybody had the same problem? Also i dont know if this has anything to do with it, i fitted a new pioneer stereo last week but never had the problem till over a week later. Car is a mk2.5
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