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  1. Same here , but in the meantime I'm of to focusowners.com :cry:
  2. No Relay required (didn't have bulb failure on my 04) I think only difference was that N/s tail almp was Orange/white not Black like yours
  3. All fitted and working :) I had a bulb blown - that was all (and the wiring was slightly different to yours Andy) Many Thanks
  4. Going to have another go today - metering everything before I start !
  5. In case I can't get my towbar wired up :( Does anyone know on an 04 ghia plug in kit will I have to get anything done at the dealer to program the kit and make it work - or is it just a case of plugging it in and thats all ?
  6. Just wondering if I'm going to need a bypass relay on my particular car ? Anyone else fitted one on an 04 plate or above Ghia ? If so how did you wire it - thanks
  7. Got the towbar on and bumper back on all ok However having issues with the wiring , don't think my wiring is same as yours Andy - as black is ground on mine . Had started scotchlocking wires as per your diagram , only done 2 of them , then realised probably not right. Now I have no brake light on nearside and no Fogs - Doh Will meter them out properly and redo tomorrow - just a bit confused as to why these lights are out now though ?
  8. Will be fitting mine this morning :) No problem with turning sensors off as the factory fit ones have a button on front of dash :)
  9. Removed bulb - no bulb warning :) One last question how do you remove the plastic bumper ? I can see the screw in each wheelarch , but where are the others , and once removed do you just pull it backwards or does it hve other clips ?
  10. Cheers Andy , yep was looking at the thule ride on. I notice that for a lot of the towbar kits for the focus they are saying you need additional wiring with 7 way bypass is that the case ? Jim
  11. RGR in Cranfield are exellent However main ford dealer in Bedford and Milton Keynes and Dunstable I find are S***
  12. Thanks Andy - already have your wiring info from that thread - thanks Do you know if there is any issue with reversing sensors and towbar ? Thanks
  13. Have got back into mountain biking in a big way and now need to transport up to 3 bikes around with me. I have been using a saris bones rack but although it is exellent it is a real pain fitting and loading all the time. I also have roof bars and some thule 591's again this is great but on a long journey the mpg is down the pan :( I am now looking at fitting a towbar (DIY) and using a towbar mounted carrier , nice and easy to load the bikes :) However I have reversing sensors fitted and am wondering if the towabr will interfere ? Also how easy a DIY job is fitting the Towbar ? i.e. bumper remo
  14. Put it this way - I bought my 04 C-max 1.6tdci ghia from Ford Direct when it was a year old with 6k on clock. It has exactly same spec as yours (minus sat nav) and I paid £11.2k !!
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