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  1. Ok here goes usually in a car u put the windows down when there wet and they come up apparing dryer as in u can c out of them. Y does this not happen with the cmax? The window sills seem not to be a good fit?
  2. oops sorry meant they said no u cant brake with ur left, as ur not meant to apply the brake and accelerator at the same time hence the need for only one foot, try contacting brunel ford for ur cousin they did ours. Had to put down almost £3000 though.
  3. Not to sure it was one of the first diesel auto's in the country got it in september through motability. Ford refused there was anything wrong with the car untill they took it in for a 9 day diagnostic!!! But then replaced the turbo. Then the second time said it was a software fault and replaced it again after 500 miles huff. BUt so far done about 6000 more since and no problems apart froma brakes recall was just wondering if any other auto owners had experienced this by the way u cant brake with ur left leg as there is the steering coloumn and have e-mailed ford and they said yes you should b
  4. Just craply designed thats all, they shoudnt release these things until there perfect in my opinion lovely car when it works. But when is the operative word. Shame ford used to be a name to be proud of. But all has been well since the last servo update so hopefully all is well. :shock:
  5. yeah thanks supersinky thats what i thought because the renault laguna auto and every other auto owned in the past have never rolled back. If u were meant to brake with ur left it would be in the far left obviously. Very confused only had the car 9 monthes and already had 2 software updates and 2 brand new turbo's.
  6. Sorry problem is in first and basically u cant do a hill start cos u cant push the foot brake and acelarator and u need to push the foot brake to disengage the handbrake and it rolls back
  7. Yeah it's a ghia tdci automatic, it's say ur reversing and then want to change and go forward in the moments when u try to change from reverse to forward :shock: it just rolls back it's really quite dangerous
  8. :shock: does nobody know anything about this or summit?
  9. Sorry if this probelm has already been dealt with but i have a 1.6tdci automatic ford c-max and when in drive on a steep slope it rolls backwards and not just on the axle which proves very tricky with the electric handbrake lol HELP!
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