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  1. Has anyone drilled their airbox before? Did you notice any results? I've already got a k &n panel filter, but i've read in Performance Ford it can cure induction issues.
  2. When I got my Zetec S, which I got the 1.8 version, they said it was 125 bhp. I know the 2.0 litres are 145bhp. Do you know after how many miles the engine will all be bedded in?
  3. Thanks mate. The only thing about the colour is you can see all the dust etc.
  4. Checkout my pics of my Ford Focus Zetec S with a one off custom made S/S cat back dual exit exhaust. Oh and its proper loud! :D
  5. Hi all. I had my 2009 1.8 Focus rolling roaded today. Ford say that it produced 125bhp standard. On three runs on the rolling roads, it only managed 110bhp. It was a very disappointing result. The technician said it was due to the car only having 3500 miles on the clock and that the engine wasn't bedded in yet. What are peoples views on this? I also read in Performance Ford that a drilled airbox will cure induction problems, which was a common problem on the new Focus. What are peoples views on this? Cheers Martin :?
  6. Hi All. I need your advice. I have a K & N panel filter and a 57i induction kit. What will benefit me more? Its to fit my 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S. Cheers Martin
  7. Hi all. I need your help. I have a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S 1.8. I have fitted a K & N 57i induction kit put I cannot find a place to fit the cold air feed pipe. There is no space at all from the front grill to the induction kit. Any suggestions? Thanks Martin
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