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  1. Yep that is true supposed to have at least one flip key.
  2. much much so 8) 8) 8) 8) You guys must be wearing those glasses because your blind :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: oh come on v :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: your point may be a bit more easy to take if you werent comparing a bog standard foci against a ST! :lol: that ST is nice but i do like my mk2 would i have a mk2.5 thou.......:lol: YES! but alas i cannot afford :( looks like ill have to get the facelift mk3 when that gets relesed :twisted:
  3. this setting looks really familiar if it isnt the place near the keepquite stadium in doncaster its a close match :lol:
  4. 80k+ on my 05 mk2 and only had new battery timing kit and alternator its treating me well
  5. i like the look of the estate too if i get a new car it WILL be a mk3 estate TDCi
  6. http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/thewheelworxw ... 4340.l2559 i was quoted 539 for 4 mk2 rs alloys with tyres and fitting kit
  7. Not genuine ford but a respected ebay shop seller
  8. well i can get 4 new with tyres for £500. with kerbing second hand needing a respray id be reluctant to go over the 250 mark as you wont know if they are buckled :)
  9. not for me just opend a window for me to sign into my suspended windows live account
  10. just opens a windows live window?
  11. YOU!!! you must be the guy that beat me on ebay!!!! bargin that was mate i only needed the front bumper but was prepared to buy both at that price :lol: im also doing this to my mk2 but am doing it as cheap as poss as im in no rush to have it done so far ive obtained a st spoiler for less than £60 a rear bumper for £30 and a st spoiler brake light for £4 next up when i have enough cash is the front bumper will be less than £119 as i can get one primed from ford for that
  12. i like the quote "BOOK VALUE IN EXCESS OF £12000 AS A STRAIGHT VEHICLE." it now looks like a boomerang! :lol:
  13. i do behind the light units every time i was the car as they will collect dirt and grime very quickly!
  14. check the service book!!! mine says its got full service history but when i replaced the air filter it was jet black (should be white) it had never been changed nor had any of the fluids between 05 and now!!! i was not a happy chappy also think of mileage around 80k and pre-tensioners need replacing so thats a full belt kit needed but really apart from that the only thing to consider is the recall for the wiring loom to the cooling fan. it gets replaced for free as its prone to corrosion and if left unattended it can/has set cars on fire!! it takes ford 1hour to replace mk2.5 owners don't hav
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