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  1. I find it's pretty good. You can adjust bass, mid range, treble, balance & fade. Also not forgetting, DAB + normal FM radio.
  2. This link may help: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Genuine-F ... #vi-ilComp
  3. Someone's telling 'porkies' as I have them on my mk3!
  4. Got my Climair Sports from eBay (Alan Ford) and my blue 'S' badge, also from eBay.
  5. Did this last week on mine, after which the interior lights (F&R) would not work properly, so reverted back to the all door unlocking, and the interiors work fine again!?
  6. Door edge guards, from eBay, about £2..... It needs a wash ;)
  7. I bought some white door edge protectors off eBay for a couple of quid, almost same colour as the car :)
  8. Is it standard on Zetec S models, and an option on others? Here's mine Love it
  9. On mine the City Pack is rear parking sensors & folding door mirrors, and I also went with the Privacy glass. Premium centre console was standard, oh, and I also got rear power windows as well, not a window winder in sight :D
  10. Well done, a long wait but worth it, although mine is the 1.6 125ps. :D
  11. It was priced similar to the Titanium at Dagenham Motors, but reduced by 2.5k, so had City Pack & Privacy glass fitted. I had a Fiesta Zetec S before this, so kept with the model. I know what you mean about the Mk 2.5 Zetec S, looked quite similar to the ST, and looked good in white. I was looking for one last year, but as the Mk3 was now out it was not going to happen, so the Mk3 was the one to go for. It wasn't until January, that the Mk 3 Zetec S was unveiled for March, so still looking for others on the road :)
  12. Check out the deals on the Internet for the named Ford dealers, I did and saved around £2.6k, And that's with city pack and privacy glass.
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