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  1. Lost it on a bend last night spun over the other side of the road and went backwards through a hedge into a ditch lucky some lads in a range rover pulled me out here is he damage Feeling lucky really as went in around 60 roads really greesey it's in a Mate of he mrs dads body shop he ha quoted 150 + bat to repair hoping nothing is damaged underneath feels ok just waiting to have it checked , think I got o lightly really
  2. see this thread from my research its normal mate http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=272034
  3. Emailed them like the sound of what they do quite local too
  4. Dream science looks a bit complicated and not for the 1.8 tdci engine
  5. Can anyone recommend a good remap for my 1.8tdci for around the £250 -£300 mark
  6. Do u need to disconnect ecu or anything to disconnect it
  7. Ok so the garage removed the tank filler pipe etc what I'm wondering do I need to reset the fuel gauge as I went to the garage with quarter of a tank and when they put it back together the fuel light was on the needle empty I'm sure theirs more fuel in it unless they robbed it if since Put more in but I'm sure it's not reading correct is their anyway to reset it or is bother no Problem cheers
  8. Well rattle fixed but now I leak fuel from the filler pipe where they were making it rattle not impressed
  9. Just got a call aparantly it's the clips holding the pads now that we're catching they did change the whole calliper previously does this sound likely
  10. Yeah well it turns out its the pipe to the filler cap making a noise and I think they are gonna try and charge me even though I have had the car 3 weeks
  11. Been getting a knocking noise from the rear right the garage reckons its the fuel filler cap not locking right and ordered a new one anyone heard of this or is it rubbish
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