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  1. SORTED...!! found on another forum, the base of the aerial is the GPS antenna, its gets water logged and corroded, replaced and all working fine now... Ta :D
  2. HI, having a problem with my sat nav unit in the focus, i think it the CD Navigation unit not the posh touch screen, suddnely saying no gps signal and therefore cannot tell where it is or how to get anywhere. had a look behind the unit, all connections look ok, cant see any break in the GPs antenna as far as i can see it. where oes the antenna go after leaving the behind the dash/gps unit? any ideas on what i can do to get it working again. thansk for any help Tony
  3. rear drivers side for me too.... must be a problem with these foci...
  4. never had one go before... but so quiet in the car now.. i was thinking of more soundproofing when i bought the car.., not sure i need it now, the titanium seems to have a lot of soundproof.. no more plane noise has i decelerate now...
  5. well it was a rear wheel bearing, had both changed (whole hub assembly as bearing not separate on this model). not even 3 years old and gone.. recently lightly bumped by someone reversing into me and a huge pothole knocking wheel alighment out... so i guess it all adds up.. wwll sorted now, no more droning noise... :wink:
  6. hiya, its done about 29K, ill take it to ford this week, needs a service too.... cheers for the advice.. edit - all booked in for service and check...
  7. hi everyone... have a 2008 titanium 1.8TDCi, i've noticed recently a loud droning noise coming from the rear of the car, thought it was just normal road noise to start with, imagine being aboard a plane landing and the flaps are up, that sort of droning noise, just like a plane.. i thought it may be wind noise and the rear spoiler.. but sure its coming from the rear floor somewhere.. any ideas on what i may be... how would it be if wheels bearings were going.. its seems to be getting louder and want to get it sorted.. anyway of checking.. had the car up on stilts and wobbled the w
  8. hear your pain RB... I'll wait till its warmer methinks if its that difficult to get to... happy christmas guys....
  9. yeah sounds dud... will give it a look over tomorrow.. the missus has been drivin it this week... so not had a chance... is there an easy way to clan the bottle out just in case there is a bloackage...?
  10. hi scotty, i ran out on the M6, stopped and bought a litre of washer fliud but no warning from the machine to let me know irs empty.. it only took a quarter bottle to fill it up.., perhaps a blockage then.... will look into it...
  11. hi, ive a 08 titanium and i dont have it either, fustrating this weather to keep running out without warning, full squirt then nothing.. btw, is the washer bottle small as it doesnt seem to hold a lot..
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