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  1. get ur oil changed at kwikfit it cost me £25 incl mobil oil 5 letres and fliter, it was cheaper to get a "oil change service" then buying the oil which cost more
  2. Hi guys my rear wiper arm clips broke and wiper blade is gone, can some one tell me where i can get replacement and how much will it cost to replace? Thanks
  3. Thanks lecky for keeping me informed and sending me pictures, when i get some free time next month i'll do mine. Really appreciated mate. cheers!
  4. eddie, u can get custom end pipes made by a exhaust company for around 150-180 fitted. All they do is build twin pipes and connect to orginal exaust.
  5. i saw a zetec (06 model)with facelift st bumper with st exhaust, is the fastlift rear and exhaust different. was on ebay
  6. saw a red one on ebay for 120 few days ago. Got mine from ebay for 95 incl del in panther black in NEW condition
  7. any how to on this, i really want to do it. just not sure which cables to connect to(if i use stereo)
  8. hey guys, thanks Jamz!!!! yup like lecky i dont have the connector so i will be wiring directly from pod. Wat did you connect the wires too? is there anything directly under the storage box i can use to wire it to? cheerrrrrs
  9. Thanks mate,i take it i just solder 2 wires to the connect pin on pod and connect to something below like radio's light and earth? cheers
  10. Thanks for that will give it ago once i know how to light up the pod. :) oh u have sat nav in yours, nice any pics?
  11. Hey guys i know couple of you have connected the ST pod on ur mk2 so wondering how i wire it up so the light comes on at least please? Cheers also how do i remove the original storage box?
  12. ok, you should use hid bulbs in hid specific projector not reflector
  13. i put hids in my fogs but i took them off. i normally drive with fogs on during nite (mk2 focus seem to aim low) but with hids there was too much glare and it looked whiter then my HID projector lol personally it looks better with my xenon halogen then HIDs
  14. i love the aux connection, i normall use it as handsfree for my n95-8GB but ipod sounds great when connected to remote control of an ipod.
  15. hey guys i'v never changed my blade but my rear one needs changing, looking to buy from ebay or some where cheap, i have seen bosch for £5 but not sure which one will fit. its for mk2 focus, what should i be buying ? i just want to replace the rubber wiper bit. cheers
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