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  1. i will let you all know if there are any probs with it cos iam sure i will find an answer on here.
  2. thanks for that nick, at first we where looking at a full spec 307 54 plate for £9995, we had a look around at went to the ford dealership. i was also considering buying another focus mk1 but then the c-max caught my eye. we hadnt even considered one but was impressed as soon as i sat in it. loads of room, tidy quality looking interior and a solid feel all round. we took one for a test drive and was very surprised and impressed especially because it was a diesel. it felt as light and nimble as my focus, and great handling to boot. I immediatly ordered it, and now i cant wait. 1.6 TDCI LX 54 £9995
  3. thanks very much peter, you learn something everyday! Aaron
  4. just a quicky i have tried pressing buttons on my key when in the ignition and engine running and nothing responds.
  5. Iam due to pick up a 54 plate 1.6 TDCi on saturday and was wondering if the software problems i have read about are common in all c-max`s and if the ford main dealer will do this if it hasnt been done previous? Cheers Aaron
  6. I have recently just purchased a C-max 1.6 TDCI LX From Hendy Ford in Fareham. as with all times i approach a main dealers, iam always expecting a pushy and un-accomodating salesman with terrible after sales service. At Hendy Ford, i felt no pressure at all and found a very friendly and re-assuring salesman who wasnt afraid to be honest enough to tell us what we would and wouldnt like. This was reflected through out the dealership with salesmen coming over and offering their advice and humour. It really took the stress and hassle out of spending so much money, and to me thats what you call service! Aaron
  7. hi all I have just recently purchased a C-max LX 1.6 Diesel 54 plate, after a 1.4 zetec focus. This is just an after thought but what exactly does TDCI stand for? Iam guessing that that the TD stands for Turbo Diesel, but what about the CI? Hope you can help me as i have searched all over the web and cant find anything!! Aaron
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