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  1. This looked the finished artical. I do live about 6-8 miles from both Dunton test centre and ford uk HQ. It appeared to have a very good (ford standard) paint job with no tape or other masking bits. It got me wishing I did not get laid off in April. I would have chopped in mine mk2 facelifted (58) for one at first glance. I did not think that with the new Fiesta and still don't the KA (yuk).
  2. At around 09:45 this morning I see a new shape focus on chapel street. It was in black and looked very sleek. It was only a quick glance as I was going the opposite way. As I approached I thought what the ***k is that and then realised it was the latest Ford Focus. The pictures that I had seen do not do it justice.
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