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  1. Sorted! Just done what you said mate and got a breakers bar on it, got them out fine, was crapping myself as I didn't want them to shatter in the head as generally thats what my lucks like but they were all good. Cheers dude.
  2. Bad times people, My spark plugs are jammed in the head, ive got the common problem with water leaking into the spark plug wells, only noticed today when I decided to buy some new plugs. Now im faced with a dilema, obviously I need to get the water out asap but what about the plugs they wont budge and im scared of them breaking if i keep trying.
  3. Good job mate, they look well nice.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm really panicking a bit here lol, Okay, I've just filled my Focus up with £70 Optimax Unleaded fuel, I also brought some Redex as I do monthly - However this time I didn't buy the normal cleaner I buy.. I brought lead replacement and put half the bottle into my full tank before noticing!!! What shall I do, I'm pretty worried lol. The car is driving fine at the moment but should I drain the tank?
  5. Cool tbh mate I think your car can pull them off, as it's Blue but Black & Chrome just looks a bit extreme tbh. I'm glad someone else feels my pain though :P I'll get some pics up later, I'm looking forward to seeing it in the dark, that will probably make my mind up.
  6. Crisis time! Normally when I fit modifications to my car I can decide straight away whether or not I like them but these ones are weird I can't decide on them. I've fitted some chrome led ultras to my panther black focus mk2 but i'm really not sure if I like them or not lol. I wanted the smoked ones ideally but these were only £70. I will upload piccys afterwork today just wondered what peoples thoughts are on the chrome leds, are they deemed as chavvy as "stanard" lexarse lights?
  7. I've done mine white lol. Matt black is a nice unoffensive colour which will tidy them up but not make them stand out. I just took the car for a drive, warmed the brakes up a bit then wirebrushed the crap off and just used Hammerite metal paint - 8 months later still going strong and the crap cleans off very easy every wash.
  8. Hi can anyone tell me if I purchased the below headunit http://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/pioneer- ... -9803.html would it be a direct fit into my MK2 Focus - Ford6000 model, would I need anything else like a facia adaptor? Also how much of a nightmare are the stock headunits to get out?
  9. Has anybody purchased 5dr sideskirts from this ebay seller in Poland? I always see them on there and they look like a decent price. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FOCUS-MK2-ST ... 2eab85965c Just wanted to confirm they are ok?
  10. Yeah they must have ballsed up somewhere, when i first drove from the garage it was fine then i started noticing a squealing noise which i put down to the new brake shoes then it started getting louder, i then realised the handbrake was starting to stick so i took the cover off to expose the nut and it was at the very top so couldnt unwind it more if i tried. Had to carry on my journey with the handbrake semi applied. Left it for about 20 mins then went back to the car and it was like nothing had ever happened lol, just took it on a long run aswell and its fine. Weird times!
  11. Drums on the back mate, lol I know. Handbrake seems to have freed itself now and the brakes are back to working fine now it's cooled down but it shouldnt have done it in the first place.
  12. Hi all, I've just had my car in for a mot and the garage had to replace the handbrake cables as it wasnt working properly. Got the car back and it was working fine now taken it for a drive and the handbrake started sticking now it is jammed on, the adjustment nut is loose as anything so i cant even free it up that way. I had to drive down an a road with it sticking on so now it's probably cooked the brake system? I'm taking it straight back to the garage in the morning they are complete idiots also found out they gave the car back to me with near on no coolant in the tank either, they had t
  13. Passed!! Woop, took it elsewhere that charged the standard £50 quid and surprise surprised, the majors became advisories. Lesson learnt if it seems to good to be true (MOT £26) it usually is lol.
  14. If you would mate that be great, its preface lift mk2 1600cc petrol.
  15. I think it pulls up normal amount tbh, might be like you say a streached knackered cable, ive adjusted the nut near the lever however and it seems to work better now though. Discs got quite alot of life left in them from what I can see pads are quiet worn though so ya they will need doing in the future regardless. I'm more concerned about the powersteering leak than anything to be honest lol not sure what to do about that one.
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