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  1. Sorry to keep asking you guys so many questions, but still new to the world of owning a Ford Focus. I have noticed recently that my 2008 1.6TDCI Focus seems to be struggling to start. Sometimes having turned the key it will start after the second turnover, however sometimes it seems to take 7 or 8 turnovers before it starts. Is this normal or do i need new glo plugs?
  2. i too tried reving it right the way through the range and nothing happened, no lights came on.
  3. I noticed on the dashboard of my 2008 1.6tdci zetec that i have a red arrow that illuminates. Having checked the owner manual this points to it being a shift indicator light. However it does nothing once the engine is started and i can find no options in the menu nor in the manual for setting it up. Is this something that should be working on my car or was it an option as i can only see having done a search that it was on the eco versions?
  4. I have noticed when changing gear, especially when cold that i get a small clunking sound when i lift the clutch to engage the gear. Jus wondered if this is normal and if anybody else has experienced this problem? I also get a slight squeeling sound when first starting up, is this normal, seems to subside when the car warms up?
  5. Now it has rained, it was definately worth getting the strips, as i now have no more water in the boot, when opening it
  6. Got mine today £12.02 from my local Ford dealership, pretty easy to fit. Now just wait for some rin to see if it works
  7. Low and behold, now the weather has warmed up, it is all working again
  8. great, when i can get my car off our driveway i shall go and get some
  9. thanks for all your help guys, i shall await some warmer weather and hope it all springs back into life, hadn't had to fill up the washer bottle since i bought the car so i am not sure what grade fluid the garage put in there but i shall certainly be upgrading it.
  10. I know this might sound silly, but i just wanted to check with people on the forum as this is the first focus i have owned. I have a 2008 1.6TDCI Zetec. Does it have a warning message that omes up for the windscreen wash level? Also since the freezing weather my windscreen wiper jets have not been working which i fully expect due to the freezing weather, however i can't hear any motor sounds when i try and activate the washers, is this normal?
  11. To change the temp from F to C, scroll to the temp screen then hold the Set/Reset in
  12. on my 08 plate focus zetec i can change all of the values in the menu system, can't remember which option it was under though. Mine shows miles and oC. I will have a look through the menu system later and see if i can figure out how i did it.
  13. checked the boot and all of the footwells and they are not wet. Used the heated front screen again this morning and no condensation, i can olnly put it down to having the fan blowing on the windscreen at the same time yesterday. I guess i will just have to keep and eye on it. Is the mk 2.5 renowned for having problems with wet footwells as well?
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