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  1. You didnt fancy some nice 19's then, the 17 do look very smart tho!
  2. well i have fitted an st style exhaust now! well i made my own rear section as my company that my family owns is a welding and fabricating business so it was a pretty easy job for me to do one evening, used the small mid box from the st and the bend over the axle the rest is bespoke sounds awsome on the tdci!
  3. just recently my boot button has stopped working! quite annoyingi thort iam now using my fob button to open the boot as i havent had time to have a good look at it just wondered if any one else has had this probemo??
  4. at my work we have that engine is our pool cars and they all got taken back to ford and they sorted it out because it was quite dangerous as it done it all the way from 1000 to 2500 absolutly gutless jerking ect
  5. would you not have to up grade the master cylinder for a st one?
  6. Can you fit st rear and front brakes ect?
  7. Hello i am about to fit st bumpers and skirts to my 2005 tdci and was thinking about exausts and wondered what other people have done as i see a few of you have fitted these bumpers, did you just fit a st exhaust or make your own exhaust? look forward to your advice/help webby
  8. hello there i am trying to fit a boost guage into my mk 2 2005 1.6 tdci but i cant seem to find a boost line from the intake mainifold any help youldbe apreciated!!!! thanks
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