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  1. Aaron, FYI don't buy a Fiesta loom! Buy the right BT loom for your Focus. It took me weeks to change the Fiesta loom I bought to work with my Dad's 2008 Focus Titanium.
  2. Aaron, I had the same connector for the mic, but I never worked out what it was for so I ignored it. I too could not find a connection for the module. The stalk I just unplugged the original stalk and connected the new one. No more than that. These are the parts I ordered from Trevor at FordPartsUK for the USB connection to the centre console: 1541417 iPod Holder / Cover 1497339 USB Socket / Control-Volume 1471741 Aux Socket / Control-Volume 1520708 Module Lead 1 / Cable Assy 1520710 Module Lead 2 / Cable Assy 1384554 Auxilliary Lead / Wire-Jumper You will also need a "iPod USB + Aux
  3. Yes I did. I can't remember the exact words of their email. However it said that I would have to contact Ford, as they didn't deal with the end customers. Ford simply said that they only have the part number for the whole unit. I think it will simply take a phone call from Ford customer services to Visteon to order the part. I think its unlikely to happen though.
  4. On the Focus its part of the main wiring loom that you order. On the Focus the loom connects the BT module, microphone and headunit and the existing loom together. I believe its the same on the Fiesta and Mondeo so I'd say its likely to be the same on the Galaxy.
  5. No problem. He helped me and he has helped many others on the forum.
  6. I spoke with Ford today and sadly they can't order replacement fronts for the Sony unit. I am gonna try asking Visteon to see if I can order one from them.
  7. Can you get a replacement front for the Sony unit? The one I bought on ebay has a few deep scratches. I knew before I bought it, but I got it cheap so I didn't worry too much. If I can't get a replacement I will change the front from the ebay unit with the original one from my Dad's car.
  8. OK, I bought a replacement Sony single CD DAB unit from ebay. It had version 5 firmware on it. I swapped it over with the original Sony single CD and now the bluetooth and USB are both working. When I go to pair a phone it comes up on the display with the pin and the woman speaks to me. :D Their must be an issue between the newer bluetooth module and the headunit I originally had.
  9. Called the deal this morning and they said they would fix the issue under warrenty. Got it booked in for tomorrow. :D
  10. Hey Guys, My Dad has a 2008 MK2.5 Focus Titanium and the boot wont close correctly. The central locking is working OK so I don't think its a fuse. When I push the microswitch under the boot handle I can hear the servo going, but when I push it close it doesn't latch closed. I have poked the latch with a screwdriver and its moving correctly, just not locking closed. Any ideas? Cheers John
  11. OK finished the cable and got it into the car. I still can't get a phone to pair with the system, I try 0000 as the code but it fails to pair. The stereo then comes up with "No Paired Device" or something like that. Now the phones I have tried so far are the Nokia N900 which I know some people on the Mondeo forums have had issues with, however the Ford connectivity site says it should be OK. I tried a Samsung Tocca and an iphone, but neither would pair. Now I am thinking I am either using incompatable phones or the pin isn't 0000. I'm gonna try and find someone with a normal Nokia. Anyon
  12. I looked for quite a while and couldn't find a cable taped behind the glovebox. I have even run my hand in the area's I can't see to see if it has been moved, but I can't find it. I've worked out what I am doing wrong. Artilliarymans instructions show a picture of a white connector and then start talking about connector B and this is where I got confused. The white female connector is in fact connector C. Now I have worked this out it all makes sense and I am such a muppet! LOL
  13. I've tried following what The Artilleryman said, I too have the Fiesta loom part number 1429802 and ideally want to make it work with my Dad's 2008 facelift Focus. However I have got stuck because there are some differences with the cable I have. For instance Connector B, I have three wires and not two. B2 (White & Green) B7 (Black) and B8 (White & Blue) Connector C is laid out differently too I don't have a C5 or C11. Has anyone come across this?
  14. Ignore Sorry posted incorrectly!
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