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  1. That's my old write off :( Got MK2 here... might look into a spare key then. Cheers Teammp3
  2. I'm wanting to enable Auto Lock on my alarm, but have been warned that the risk of locking keys in is greatly increased. I can't say I've ever nearly locked my keys in, but, for the sake of £10(?) for a new key I'd be interested in getting a spare... I'm aware you cannot program the keys yourself, but thats purely for ignition isn't it? Could I get a cheap key and blade, cut, for my car, purely to use in the event I lock my keys in? It wouldn't be programmed, obviously, but it should operate the locks, no? It would allow me to gain entry, remove my good keys and continue without the n
  3. Can anyone clarify, does it just need a 12V+ and earth? And where abouts exactly would I get it?
  4. I tested the 'off clock' function, and it does just that, shows the clock when it's switched off. Some use...
  5. Ok, so... If I was to get one of the MK1 clocks, like so: Could I wire it up - somehow, no tech knowledge - to work? I'd probably put it in the recess on my adapter, and smooth it over... Providing it could be made to work!
  6. Im running a Pioneer DEH-P700BT, there is an 'Off Clock' function, but I get the impression that means it will display the clock when it's off. I'm out of the country so haven't tested it, so we will see. Failing that, I might just buy a new HU. It's a shame there's no clock on the odo.
  7. I've replaced the stereo with my Single Din unit of choice, but prior to doing so failed to realise that the only clock in the car is on the OEM stereo. It's not a problem, but more an annoyance. Are there anyways to retrofit a clock/add a clock/put a clock somewhere?
  8. Yep it's definitely not a case of Bigfoot but it's wierd.
  9. Spoke to a few people about these and the plate sensors, and apparently they're not very good. They tend to only cover you directly behind and not at the corners. APPARENTLY. Granted the two 'places' I spoke to offered their own 'parking sensor' options... So could just be sales tactics. Be interesting to see how you get on.
  10. What's that? Will it be sunk into the body as with the MK2 retro fit? This is the main concern that aftermarkets will just be stuck on and look crap.
  11. Is is possible to retrofit Parking Sensors to a 2.5...?
  12. Is this normal? it doesn't do it all the time... I get what feels like a little bit of coasting, but not every time I brake. Lasts for about a second. Is it the car 'sorting' itself out, or is it a problem?
  13. Try this, and see if you can get a definitive answer on 100/115 http://www.etis.ford.com/
  14. Focus 2004-/Focus C-MAX 2003-, Zetec-S 1.6 PFI (100PS), Ink Blue (Metallic) VIN Number: Registration Number: Registration Date: 31.07.2006 Registration Country: GB The known primary features of this vehicle: Build Date: 07.06.2006 Vehicle Line: Focus 2004-/Focus C-MAX 2003- Body Style: 5 Door Saloon Version: Series 15 Engine: Zetec-S 1.6 PFI (100PS) Transmission: 5-Speed Manual - B5/IB5 Drive: RHD FWD Emission: Stage IV Emissions Air Conditioning: Manual Air Conditioning Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Ink Blue (Metallic) Interior Fabric: Rack
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