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  1. My left hand corner of the boot lid plastic is inaccessible, I had been looking from the right corner to the middle. Thanks for all replies I will check them all out, I wanted to avoid using the airbag mount just in case I accidentally damaged it (I know this is incredibly unlikely but safety first n'all).
  2. I am looking for a decent earthing point for an amp, is is for a 4AWG cable. I had unscrewed one of the torx bolts on the top metal clip for the rear seats, grinded off the laquer and paint for a bare metal surface, and attached there but it seems to be intermittently earthed. Is there a better earthing point? I have removed the carpet from one side and there are not exposed bolts apart from the shocks and airbags and I don't want to mess with any of that for obvious reasons. I removed the plastic plate which covers the boot lock and the only bolts there hold the lock in place. Any recommendations? Cheers :wink:
  3. I won't be putting tweets in the rear so that's ok. There are a lot of wires though.
  4. Sorry I should have pointed that out, I posted I had a Ghia because I have all the mod cons, that is why I can't understand why this plug isn't in use unless Ford have put the same connector from the front onto the rear. Then I assumed it could be electric and heated door mirrors. I have electric windows all round, I can't see what else the rear doors could have other than that :? I guess it is safe for me to drill it out in the rear, wiring to the fronts is going to be hard though if both plugs are in use...
  5. I am in the process of installing my audio system and I have come across a plug which leads to the door. I have a 5 door Ghia diesel. Basically attached to the car is the usual plastic plug which feeds the wiring from the car into a plastic block, then the wires run through a rubber conduit into the doors. The plastic plug attached to the car has 2 blocks plugged into it, a black one at the top and a grey one at the bottom. In the rear of my car the grey plug does not plug into any wires going into the door (although there are wires from the car attached to the grey block). What is this grey block for? I thought it may be for wing mirrors but I wasn't sure why Ford would use that block on the rear doors too, let alone feed wires to them. I am not sure if the grey block is in use on my front doors yet. I intend to drill through the block to run speaker cables, as the grey block is not used I could just unplug it and run through there but I didn't want to do this if they grey block could be used for a decent mod in the future. Cheers
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