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  1. Looks a great bit of kit mate…might be better posting in the Car Entertainmet section If you haven't already :)
  2. Yes the Fly Eye kit is road legal from what I have read up on it. Been looking at this myself as well and saw it on a few cars at FITP, I've also been told it is also easy to remove if you change your kind :)
  3. Excellent many thanks for that :)
  4. Cool thanks mate I'll look them up :). Do you have any really up close pics of them you can share…if you don't want to add them to your thread if you could pop them via PM I would really appreciate it :)
  5. Esurient was the Fly Eye easy to fit…fancy doing this to my MK2.5? Nice colour by the way :)
  6. I think it's worth a good with the BG244 before tackling anything else and if it is still under warranty and it continues take it back to ford for them to sort out.
  7. I would be tempted to tackle the EGR value and give that a clean. I have a Haynes manual if you want to borrow it?
  8. I think you can only direct fit are the ST and Zetec S bumpers :) Is that front and rear Thanks Yes as far as I'm aware
  9. I think you can only direct fit are the ST and Zetec S bumpers :)
  10. You have the same wheels as me which are upgrades from the standard if you have the Sport Pack which are the 18" wheels and Sport suspension so it will be a tad lower than the standard set up :)
  11. Glad you managed to get it sorted. :)
  12. Have you tried using the AF setting which should help with the jump from one transmitter to another...also I notice on mine when I am using the DAB radio it does fade out when the signal is weak to aviod distortion coming through but does tune back in when back in range.
  13. I agree, they have definitely reduced the floor and felling height to the detriment of their taller clientele! The boot is smaller, the steering wheel controls are difficult to use for those with small fingers, the vents are awefull, the centre console I just don't like and the whole feel of it seems that they have taken a massive step backwards. And that's just from my opinion of been in the car for 10mins!
  14. Nope definitely not a car for me…will be sticking to my mk2.5 for quiet a while. Been talking to a friend of the family who's a Ford main dealer and they all hate it; the grill is a gimmick and does not really do anything, the parking assist only works if it's a large space your trying to get in to (would rather have alround parking sensors!) Also sales are well down and the mk2.5's that come in for part ex are flying off the forecourt and holding there prices well.
  15. Not good. Did you get a test drive? If so, what did you think of the new engine? Nope I didn't bother. Probably didn't help the fact that the 5 sales people were all standing around chatting and could not be bothered, thought they would have made more of an effort to interact with the potential customers. Anyway after I had a feel of the interior of the car and driving position I really wasnt interested in taking it for a spin. Maybe after a while I'll request a test drive when it's all settled down and sales are struggling as I cannot see it been a big hit imao.
  16. Just come back from seeing the new focus and I must I'm really not a fan. Lower head room in the back, smaller boot and generally don't like the interior. Think I'll be sticking with my mk2.5 for some time to come.
  17. I'm off to a Ford preview evening tomorrow and hopefully have a test drive. :)
  18. I had a deposit down on a car at Jennings Ford Sea Grey Sport Pack but then spotted the one I have....thankfully they gave me my deposit back. Titanium with Sport Pack are easier to get hold of but have not seen many with Sport and X Pack so if you see one I would bag it. I have the 2.0TDCI so I'm biased on engine choice.....returns a health 50mpg on motorways and pure urban driving around early 40mpg :).
  19. I have a 2.0TDCI Titanium Ford Direct car with X Pack and Sport Pack and cannot fault the condition and spec.... Stubbled accross it by accident at a local Ford dealer 6000 on the clock £15k and not a mark on it...even on the alloys. It has everything on it that a boy could ask for....the only think missing is a Sat Nav but hey I can read a map so not fussed. Happy Days....:)
  20. I don't like the front the rear or the new console and as for the ST exhaust could be hard to upgrade to a better exhaust.
  21. Hi Mate, You'll be best to check out the regional sections as I'm sure there are regular meets around your area. :)
  22. Hi Tezza,;;Would that include delivery? :) Could bring you one to national day :D Tezza
  23. If you would not mind updating this thread when you find out that would be great. :)
  24. I know the type of thing you are after and would be interested to know myself if it can be bought as an extra.. :)
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