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  1. How easy is it to replace the ceiling courtesy light with the larger console with sunglasses holder?
  2. I didn't take any pics whilst I was doing it, as I did it in the dark, and plus the pics on the how-to are very good. But I will take a couple to show how it looks and what I had to do to get the old one off (same as getting the new one on). In terms of getting it over the handbrake, my main bit of advice is to pull up the handbrake as far as you can get it - that helped a bit. I also took the cd player fascia off to stop me scratching it whilst getting it on
  3. Done it! The how to was very useful. Only bit I struggled with getting the console over the handbrake handle - both getting the old one off and the new one on. In the end, had to snip a few bit of plastic off from where the plastic HB gaitor surround clips in. Looks great though now!
  4. It arrived last night! certainly does need a good clean - and the leather armrest looks like it needs treating or something (bit worn/grubby in parts). They guy included the Handbrake gaiter (correct term?), but snapped several of the clips, so will stick to mine. Also included the gear-tick gaiter surround (not the gaiter itself), which is different colour to mine - mine it silver an this ones black, so need to pick which one I want to use! I did notice that there is a panel missing from the back of the console - I recall this also being mentioned on the How-To. What would normally go h
  5. Out of interest, are there any 'high street' tyre fitters that will fit tyres you've bought yourself? Spent a few years overseas where this was the norm, and it works out so much cheaper.
  6. Hi Gazwid. I'm in North Bucks. If you're local to the area, let me know, and I'll pass on the details.
  7. Job Done - I now have a flip key! The locksmiths I used ending being far from iffy - looked all pretty standard really - plugged some pad with a large screen and a few buttons into the port, did some stuff on his laptop, put some card into a calculator type device, and 10 mins later - key presto! He was also able to tell me my key number should I ever manage to lose all 3 keys!
  8. Right, found myself a new console which looks to match mine (in terms of no extra holes/ports) but has armrest! Bargain at £25 + P&P. Looked like it needs a good clean, but that's not a big deal. I'll let you know how I get on!
  9. Sorry, no - the family ford place I think is a fairly large business (they also do petrol etc) - it was one of the car locksmiths that wasn't VAt registered. Was surprised at how much less the family ran place was comapred with the main dealer - half price pretty much And, I'd probably have a bit more chance with talking them into activating autolock (if they're still able to do it). Shame they couldn't fit me in
  10. Thanks RB2004 - so sounds like a sneaky way of boosting the prices they charge. I suppose the only 'problem' with cloning the chip is that if one key gets lost/stolen and have it de-activated, it'll disable both keys. but, considering the alternative is chopping up the old key and swapping the transponder, it's a compromise I can live with. That said, this one that's only £50 sounds a tad iffy - when I asked if his price included VAT, he said we wasn't VAT registered, so sounds like someone working from the back of his van - he has an address, but I think it's a residential address :?
  11. For anyone who's interested, prices I got quoted to code the PATS chip... Ford main dealer wanted £93 Car locksmith 1 wanted £65+vat Car locksmith 2 wanted £50 Local (family ran) ford dealer wanted 'just over £50' - I would have taken them up on this, but they were insistant that it was an hours work and couldn't fit me in today - and they don't open weekends. does it really take that long, or were they just trying to justify the price tag? (Which ironically I didn't have a problem with!)
  12. Thanks - I'll give a car locksmith a call tomorrow - see how much they'll charge - saves have to cut up the fob. Am I right in thinking the chip is inthe key half of the fob (rather than the button half). And will it be the same chip - ie not the glass tube one.
  13. OK - I'm a numptee. The reason I couldn't get the remote to lock/unlock the car.... I had the battery in the wrong way round - put it back the wrong way when I played with it after getting it - oops! So, I now have the blade cut (£12 - not sure if that was a good price or not, but it was convenient), and the fob now locks & unlocks the car. Just left with the transponder bit. I see it as having two options - swap the transponder over from the old key or speak to a car locksmith to see if they can clone it. The key-cutter was of the impression that the new fob won't have a PATS
  14. yeah, and I don't quite get why. It surely can't actually cost much more to supply a flip key over a standard key - both have the same components - key / remote / PATS chip. There will even be some extra costs involved from having to supply two different types of keys. I can only think it was more an incentive to upgrade
  15. Well, I've been taking lots of pictures of keys, so if I do manage to get it working, I'll do a good in-depth write-up for everyone.
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