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  1. Might seem a lame question but does anyone know the best rev range for driving a diesel in terms of economy. The reason I ask is that while driving around the ring road of Madrid I'll be doing something like 90-100kms, something I can do in 5th or 6th. In 5th I'm doing over 2000 revs but in 6th more like just over 1500 revs. 5th, of course, pulls much better at this speed due to the turbo being on boost. However 6th is only just coming on boost at these revs. I'm using the rational that the lower the revs, at a given speed, the less fuel I'm using as the engine works less. However
  2. Yup, Same thing happened to me yesterday...F**K OFF big dent in the side of my car where some idiot decided to open their 4x4 door into the top of the rear quarter panel. Add that to the 5-6 other dents I now have, none of them done by me, and my 1 year old cars beginning to look shabby. Apologies to any Spanish readers but if you live in Spain please please please please do NOT buy a new car and try to take care of it, as the other drivers, in general of course, simply dont give a damn about damaging your car. As a point of interest my brother in law (well to be in 20 days !) told me
  3. Well my garage has ordered a seal for my noise. I dont hold much hope that it will fix the problem though ! Incidentally the Ford garage claims that the damge to my paintwork is due to......wait for it......bird S**t ! So they have refused to repair it ! I have phoned Ford Spain to conplain stating that the stains where there when I bought the car but I left them until they got worse ! Lets see what happens, but be warned that your paint warrently is useless as the garage will always blam something other than poor workmanship.
  4. well mines just gone in today for: 1. Paint marks all around the car that look like bird s**t has eaten away the paint - By the way it hasnt as I clean by car a lot - Its black :( 2. Clutch pedal creaking like crazy when the temperature is warm. 3. Drivers door (Left side as its LHD) window seal creaking. I actually made the noise while the service manager was in the car and he acknowledged the noise (A start I admit). I pushed the window glass from the outside, at the top, and the noise appeared. If you drop the glass however a little the noise is not there (Cant drive on the motorwa
  5. Yup, might take it back but it seems a little thing to take it back for ! The problem is that accessing it is a nightmare as its stuffed right underneath the dashboard and you need houdini skills to get up there, and thats before you spray it with anything. I rekon a bit of grease would crack it but you can only really use a spray with the limited access. Therefore not sure what a ford mechance would do ! - probably remove the assy. Ah well, at least when I'm on the motorway this afternoon I wont need to change gear much. James.
  6. Anyone getting a creaking clutch pedal ? Only happens on the first bit of iinitial travel from pressing down. The creak goes away when its cold but when hot it creaks like buggery, and I mean loudly. Ive tried spraying WD40 on it but no joy. There does see a lot of plastic, springs etc, up there, but its a bit hard to see. Anyone had this and solved it....Or is it another visit to the dealer :(
  7. Trust me, i'd rather have bought an A3, but as my focus cost 19,000 euros versus 28,000 for an A3 with the same spec it was a no brainer !
  8. Good news... Installed the k+n and upped the power on my tunit to 6 from 4 as before the engine failure light would come on in 3rd gear at high revs (Scary when overtaking!) Now the revs all the way to the cutout in 3rd ! So it must be the improved airflow from the filter that is stopping the engine from chokeing at high revs and wide throttle openings. I have also noted that the power is more progressive. Usually you only have to put your foot down a little on the 2.0 tdci for full power, something which i did like as if you put your foot down too much the acceraration actually redu
  9. Yes, I'm curious as well as my June 2005 focus 3 door creaks as well from the door seals. If i drop the windows the problem ceases. I used to work for a ford dealer in the UK and they told me that they dont know of any problems on the seals on the FOCUS II :(
  10. Well, Bought mine the other day but im in the UK at present so cannot fit it yet as the car is in Madrid. I'll let my findings be known when its been installed. As I've got a TUNIT fitted I was hoping that the panel filter would allow me to crank up the power a little due to more airflow....Fingers crossed James.
  11. Agree on the dirt, ive done 12000kms and mine is filthy ! I took mine out yesterday to take a photo for a guy at TUNIT. He says that there is not one available yet for the 2.0 diesel so he wanted a photo for sizing and finis codes etc.... Thats why I asked if yours was a tdci as they seem not yet to be available, at least the guy at TUNIT doesn't think so..... I'll ping the guys on the ebay website to see what the score is.
  12. ulsterfocus, Cheers for the reply. Is your car the 2.0 tdci focus II ? James.
  13. Sorry all for the repeat post as Im sure this road has been well trodden, I have noted just lately when I initially put down my foot on the throttle lighty that the car apears to hesitate slightly. If it then put it down a bit further this seems to clear as the car then starts to accelerate stronger. The problem only "seems" to happen on the initial travel of the throttle and in 1st and 2nd. I have read all about the EGR issues but im not sure if this is the case. The consumption has never been very good on the car to be honest so dont know if this is also related. The car has a tunit fi
  14. Hmmm, all odd A few people had had the same problem on this forum and they have had "modified" seals fitted from the dealer. Surely this means there is an awareness of this issue ? James.
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