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  1. how much was the repair and how much did you manage to get for it if you don't mind my asking?
  2. Not a cheap price. Wonder if it'll be plug and play or whether there will be a bit more to it than that? Would be nice to remove one of my blanks and have the 3.5 jack and USB slot put in!!!
  3. Any reason you don't want Ford ones? It's just my opinion but I think rally flapz look AWFUL :(
  4. Got the surround off but I doubt I'll be able to make a mould from it :(
  5. Haha your filling me with confidence! It's been mostly bike stuff I've done with the exception of caterham arches and window surrounds for a ginnetta so I hope this shouldn't be too bad. I think the clips will prove trickiest although I'm sure the wee circles for the air con and recirc will prove tricky as well! :lol:
  6. Thanks dor the tips! I'll be doing it in real CF rather than dinoc. I started as a trainee carbon fibre engineer a little over a month ago. Boss said we can start making our own bits after work if we like! Just have to take the piece of trim in and see how hard it'll be first :lol:
  7. Thanks very much dude! Hoping to make a carbon mould from it! ;)
  8. Thanks very much dude. Look like I'm without a stereo for the next few days :(
  9. How do I take this off? Does the radio need to come out first? (ordered removal keys last night)
  10. I disconnected the battery and it was fine next day when it was dry! Lord knows!
  11. Hi, It's pishin rain at the moment, my alarm keeps goin off! When I unlock it, the window wipers start moving and drivers indicator is flashing! Car is an 06 zetec climate! Any help greatly appreciated!!!
  12. I would (but not at that money) I'd remove any RS badges though straight away! We all want to drive something nice at the end of the day! Not all of us can afford to buy/insure/maintain and run an RS so why not!?
  13. much much so 8) 8) 8) 8) You guys must be wearing those glasses because your blind :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Unless your emotionally attached I'd just trade it in against a newer one. Once it becomes time to start fixin lots of things, it becomes time to get rid in my opinion!
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