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  1. Could anyone give me some tips for fitting, or a how to? thanks
  2. Wheres the best and cheapest place to get them? I also have no idea how much i should be paying for a set? Thanks
  3. Sounds good, ive got a set of mondeo titanium wheels to go on so was justw ondering what sort of money id be looking to get back. Thanks Lewy
  4. soon i will have my old wheels up for sale, there standard mk2 5spoke zetec climate 16" alloy wheels with 4 pirelli p7 tyres on them which were new about 1500 miles ago. The wheels are in average condition with a few kerb marks and they are on an 07 plate car. Anyone have any idea how much there worth? Just a rough price would help. Thanks Lewis
  5. when i enter my key into the lock it seems as if the whole barrel is turning with the key and it wont unlock the bonnet, it was fine at the weekend when i had the grille out, im wondering if theres something to secure the lock that maybe i havnt clipped back in? any way of getting it open? thanks
  6. is there any subtle splitters that would replace the black plastic one on the back as standard. Ive got a cc bumper to go on and i cnt decide on colour coding the rear one or trying to replace it? Any help would be appreciated :D
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