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  1. Hi, One of the difficulties might be the display panel. On the Sony it is described as '4.2 inch TFT' versus '3.5 inch dot matrix' on the Ford unit. Hence the bigger display of the Sony might not fit into the smaller hole of the Ford one (not sure if the smaller display is compatible with the Sony in anycase). Also the Sony is described in the brochure as having 'nine premium speakers' versus the Ford one having just six speakers, hence again there could be compatibility issues. As I think someone mentioned before, apparently each radio is actually coded to the car for it to work, he
  2. Hi, I suppose currently with the ambient temperature being not exactly hot but there again not exactly cold, if the air intake is via an inlet under the bonnet area then it could be somewhat warmish. Perhaps that is why most, if not all Mk3's are fitted with air conditioning with climate control on top of the range models. I must admit personally I always have climate control switched on as it holds the temperature the way I like it - cool. Just thinking though, you haven't got the air re-circulation on have you? If it is on no 'new' fresh air is admitted to the cabin so the air would
  3. Hi, Yes it sounds a likely reason. I have just found the brochure from when I ordered mine. It was either speccing Sat-Nav or the Solar Reflecting Windscreen which resulted in the Ford Head Unit being fitted in lieu of the Sony Head Unit (it also meant having only seven 'standard' speakers with the Ford HU as opposed to nine 'premium' speakers with the Sony HU). The Solar Reflecting Glass option was subsequently deleted entirely from the options list in the later brochure but by then the Sony HU was compatible with the Sat Nav option. As to swapping the Ford head unit for a Sony hea
  4. Hi, I have a Mk3 Titanium Estate which has the Sony head unit (it came as standard). However when I ordered mine in mid 2011, if I wanted either Sat-Nav or something else off the option list (I cannot recall what it was though!) it meant having the Ford head unit fitted instead of the Sony (I don't think at that point Sony had the head unit compatible with all options). Hence if your Mk3 was built around this time that maybe the reason you don't have the Sony. As I didn't want sat nav or the other option mine came with the Sony head unit as standard. In the following quarter years broc
  5. Is there a way you can get them to hook up the computer for free under warranty? For example the clock in my Mk3 was losing about 5 minutes per week for some reason. So under warranty the dealer hooked up the computer to download some new software for the clock. Whilst it was hooked up, the chap asked if I wanted anything else doing (for example setting up the car to deadlock with one click of the keyfob and to auto lock when I go above 5mph I think it is). Also as my Mk3 has the 1.6 TiVCT petrol engine it has the elctro-hydraulic steering held over from the Mk2 so could have the adjusta
  6. Hi, No problems with mine. I have 2 memory sticks (a 4g and a 16g) and they all play fine. Just a thought but you haven't encrypted the memory sticks have you? Can you borrow someone elses memory stick and see if theirs works? Failing that, it sounds like you may have a problem but it should still be under warranty to get it sorted? Pete
  7. Hi, Don't worry about it. It took me ages to fathom all the controls out - the Ford Handbook being pretty useless in regards to those controls!! Pete
  8. Hi, It is done with the arrow controls and 'OK' button located on the right hand side of the steering wheel. Assuming you have the 'normal' displays set (ie average speed, average and instant fuel, trip computer etc) then with the engine on, using the buttons on the right hand side of the steering wheel, firstly press the 'left arrow'. Then up or down arrows and select 'settings'. Then 'right arrow' and 'up/down arrows' to scroll through the various settings, using the 'okay' button to activate/deactivate te individual settings. Pete
  9. Hi John, Yes, the Powershift 6 speed gearbox makes the car much more economical than a conventional automatic. My previous Focus was a conventional 4 speed auto and the mpg was dire. However make sure you don't drive it is 'S' (sport) mode too often as the engine revs much more and the mpg goes right down. Also I found using it in manual using the sequential selectors on the gear stick was not as economical as using it in 'D' mode. Overall though I am well impressed with mine. Pete
  10. Hi John, Like you, I have a Mk3 1.6 125ps Powershift Estate. Albeit mine has now done just coming upto 5k miles. Overall I am now getting about 35mpg over mixed roads but with more town driving than open road driving. On a longish trip on the A1 doing a steady 65mph it recently returned 46mpg according to the average fuel computer. Pete
  11. It might sound a bit basic but are you saving the setting when you select the required steering mode? That way it stays on the setting required when you switch off. To check if you have saved it, when stationary check the settings to see if the 'tick' is against the setting you want. Pete
  12. With regards to the Mk2 the 'variable' steering settings (Comfort, Normal and Sport) was fitted on Mk2 Focuses (Foci?) that have the 'Electro-Hydraulic' Power Assisted Steering (as opposed to straight Hydraulic PAS). This is basically the 1.8 and 2.0 Petrols, the ST's and the Diesels. It was not fitted on either 1.6 petrol engine (100ps or 115ps) or the 1.4 Petrol. In addition, cars must also have been fitted with the 'Message Centre' as Ford calls it in order to switch between modes. Message Centre is the LCD display that gives info such as 'Miles to Empty' and 'Average Fuel', 'Average S
  13. I wouldn't say that about the 125ps. I have that engine in my Mk3 Estate with the powershift gearbox. Having stepped do are you getting with the 1.6 petrol wn from a Mk2 2.0 (145ps) auto, I am quite impressed with just how lively the 1,6 125ps actually is. Pete Hi Minsterman. What sort of mpg are you getting with your 1.6 petrol PowerShift ?. Hi, Across all road types (including in town mileage) it shows 34mpg on the display which is about right. However on a long run down the A1 it returned 46mpg at 56mph and 39mpg at 70mph. Pete
  14. However if you have one of the late 2004 to late 2005 Mk2 Focuses fitted with the Ford 6000CD with the 'CD/DJ' button instead of the 'AUX' button you will have to upgrade your head unit to one with the 'AUX' button (instead of the CD/DJ button) for this to work. Pete
  15. I wouldn't say that about the 125ps. I have that engine in my Mk3 Estate with the powershift gearbox. Having stepped down from a Mk2 2.0 (145ps) auto, I am quite impressed with just how lively the 1,6 125ps actually is. Pete
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