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    Auto Electrician & Trim Repairer in Surrey. Sep 54 Focus C-Max 1.6 TDCI LX
  1. If you PM me with an e-mail address I will send you a fuse box listing. Have to be quick though as I am not sure if I will still be able to PM after the FFOC goes members only! Andy
  2. Just a quick post to say Happy New Year & I hope to see you all at www.focusowners.com Happy New Year :drinking: Andy
  3. ROTFLMAO Not so disconnected, i can no longer edit the sticky! This is school playground stuff! :roll: I wouldn't remove the list as that's not the point, i just won't be updating it here anymore. Try the C-Max section on www.focusowners.com (incidentaly i'm a paid member there as they didn't force the issue!) Hmmmm. So Nick has been looking after the TSB listing for FREE all this time. And now when the time draws close to not being able to post any more he is locked out :roll: See you on the otherside Nick.
  4. A forum is only as good as it's members. You have a great crowd here that know alot and help make the FFOC forum a great place. You have people here like my self that are in the trade and give this information for free to help others out. But as I do not want the 'Club Scene' I will not pay for something I do not want. So I will simply move on to FOC and do my best to help out there instead. Shame, as I do like it here. Andy
  5. I think that is the point being made by many of those on the C-Max section - most of us don't do Shows and Meets. It's no big deal to me, I'll just go back to focusowners where you are not required to be part of the Scene to participate. Much like all the other Forums I subscribe to. This is my point. Most C-Max owners do not want a club scene. A forum is all we want so that we can share information. Andy
  6. You got it. November 2003 using Rob Clarke's table. An 11 month gap between build and customer sale is not uncommon. Ours was also built 11 months before being registered :shock: That does explain why the air con needed recharging when car was only 3 years old. As the gas leaks if not used! Andy
  7. time £20, but you get quite a bit of stuff in the membership packs, it all costs money and with the discounts on stuff you get i find it well worth it I do not want all of this membership stuff. I simply want to be able to converse with other C-Max owners and help them and me find solutions. If I could donate to use the forum I would. But for me it is quite simple. The C-Max, although a GREAT family car is not a car I wish to join a club for. So I will move on in the New Year to www.focusowners.com Regards Andy
  8. My view is that the C-Max is a very good family car. But as much as I love the car as a great family car I do not feel the need to join a club as I did when I had my MG, Corrado VR6 & Golf GTI's. If I had a sporty ST etc then I would join as there is bound to be a good club following, but the C-Max is not a club type of car. I will simply move over to www.focusowners.com Andy
  9. If the battery is completely knackered then the alternator could well come up with a warning lamp! Garage will check battery first and then charging. Andy
  10. I would think that the 1st thing the garage will do is charge the battery up and then check to see if charging system is OK. When ours went flat last year I was told that the new calcium batteries were OK if the went totaly flat so you may be OK. Once battery is charged the charging system may kick back in. Was the battery warning light up when the car was running? Andy
  11. I should hope so. I am an auto electrcian and fitting tow bars is part of my job :lol:
  12. NS = Near Side OR Passenger side on right hand drive cars. The NS side panel in the boot comes away. Behind there is a big(ish) permanent power supply and a decent earth. Below is a link about tow bar wiring. As it states in the thread, cheack each connection before connecting wires as wire colours do change :roll: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... bar+wiring
  13. Just been looking at the bar fitting instructions and they have changed the design of the bar. The earlier bar can be converted to detachable, where as the new bar can not. I also notice that the detachable model is the same for old & new C-Max so you will most likely be able to fit the older bar you have. Just one thing to note when putting the bumper back on the car after bar has been fitted. Make sure you put an old towel on the exposed bar so as to not scratch the bumper. HTH Andy
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