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  1. Lee nearly got banned because he didn't stand for rudness disguised as bluntness and responded in the same manner. i'm puzzled why the admins here seem to think your confrontational style is acceptable to people have have caused you no problems. Saying that is in someway acceptable because it is you is sheer arrogance. Its like a bully defending his actions. I think you do it deliberatly mastertech to rile people. Some seem in awe of your technical nouse and refuse to defend themselves against outrageous comments as calling someones posting, without provocation, as "garbage" and you play on t
  2. .I think thats a bit strong matertech. If someone offers their opinon being rude is not the way to go. look what reaction Lee Martin gets! You can be wrong you know Ford, in particular, seem to have made major steps forward in recent times. The Mondeo and the Focus are cases in point. Well deserving of their good reputaions. The C-Max has some specific issues which once addressed make this a veru decent car. The fact that many people here love their Max's, me included. If I had a wish it would be for Ford to spend an extra £500 and upgrade the interior materials. I think most buyers would
  3. "Dissapointing rating for C-max on the latest JD survey. However is this for models prior to the software updates? " Doesn't matter Tan. Maybe on the next survey things will be better but sadly there are more problems than just the EGR and I wonder how much the poor, except MT's dealership obviously, dealer support plays a part. A lot I suspect. Fact is Ford, like whizzpopper, Renault etc etc are are volume fleet manufacturers. Their cars are built to a budget , not quality, and they know that if 30% of their customers are hacked off they will replace them with another 30% who are moving
  4. I sold mine in Jan through Autotrader. Have never failed to sell through their web site. It really does give you the best coverage as nearly everyone starts...and usually ends up there. I paid £12,300 new in Sept 2005 (exceptional deal I know) for my Zetec and sold it for £11,750 5 months later for the same reason you are selling yours. I was offered £9,000 by a dealer. It is a shame when you see a really good car plummetting in price and although I got a really good price when I sold mine the market is a lot "worse", unless you are a dealer, at the moment.
  5. Cheers Andy. I use Meguirs NXT car wash which is also expensive but lasts ages for the same reason....so in fact is cheap....
  6. Andy, where do you get that stuff from. I know its been a while
  7. You can sue using your legal protection policy on your cars insurance....if you have it of course. In effect you sue his parents. Or pay for the repair and don't make a claim
  8. I hear varied reorts about Audi dealers as well. Which is a shame Audi TT Merc Slk (not new of course) BMW 5 series has the lot and £27 buys you a lot of goodies 2nd hand naturally and you'll get let out of side turnings. The 3 series is the one you're think of Honda FRV ?
  9. My Passat makes the same sound when I turn it on so don't worry. Mind you so does Dennis's wife...or so Scotty tells me......
  10. My Passat makes the same sound when I turn it on so don't worry.
  11. Did someone mention the sound of fluid running through a pipe ?
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