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  1. Plenty of people Modify cars that are still under warranty As far as i know they do fit STS, i will check :)
  2. We are proud to introduce our Coilovers for the Mk2 They are fully Adjustable for Height and Damping and come in to FFOC Members RRP £719 Your Price £650 delivered! These are brand new in the UK so we are waiting for stock, who is interested? John
  3. Nice wheels ;) We can supply and fit eibachs, we have a FFOC car in today having it done Bet we are alot cheaper than ford as well!!
  4. As seen here - http://2modified.com/force-hypersilver- ... 10884.html Is anyone interested, i think they will look really good and they will be a direct fit They are available with a Toyo upgrade as well John
  5. The P21s is Carnuaba in a Tub, i swear by it
  6. Right, as mentioned above, the Tech wax is a great product and we have loads in stock http://2modified.com/meguiars-generatio ... -1822.html If you wanted to go the full mile then try the Tech wax followed by a P21s polish, its Carnauba wax and i promise you will be amazed with the results! http://2modified.com/p21s%C2%AE-concour ... -1818.html John
  7. We are now taking orders for the brand new Magnex system. Its a cat back system made of Stainless steel and has twin 4" Tailpipes (one either side) Im awaiting a picture and will update the thread when i get one. The price is £329 and we can do Free Delivery to members on here. Also available is a Cat Replacement pipe for £59 and a High Flow Downpipe for £129 Is anyone interested, Reply here or call me on 0870 766 83 22 Cheers John
  8. We can get the Eurolineas sets i believe
  10. Waterloo - we can sort you a good deal on some 18s sales@2modified.com
  11. Toyos for sure!! Cant go wrong with them...
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