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  1. orange is not going to be a limited run, but after launch the price is going up for this option
  2. i like the blue, orange and white. the white looks most rally like... Wheels okay, but screaming out for 19's under the arches. And the bumper grill and logo grill would be first off on mine and taken to a plastic chromers to be electroplated. look terrible as they are. agree some of the swithgear looks very cheap...
  3. had an email today saying the ford employees no longer qualify for st1... typical fords this. no idea what they are up to half the time
  4. the st i think will be faster in everyday use than the rs. agree not as eyecatching tho, unless you have the electric orange :)
  5. hmm, everyone on this forum should know ford dealers talk out of their bum alot of the time... according to ford hr and ford uk, no demo car will be available to drive till january, some dealers may have a show car, but not a demo car???!?!
  6. thanks, was not sure if this engine was identical to the volvo, i will have a look on google :)
  7. Anyone know what boost these run? Looking at the interior needle i can see it only goes up to 1.2bar. Very tempted to buy one, but would like to tweak it asap as 225bhp is a little low for me, and would like to see how much scope there is for upgrading via unichip. Thanks
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