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  1. Here's mine 1.6 titanium with replica st alloys which are now black
  2. Make sure they don't try and charge you they tryed this with and I got onto ford and got my money back.
  3. hey guys found this on ebay focus rs body kit dunno if you could pull it off on 5 door thou.
  4. afternoon combey1985, sounds like the problem i had have look at this link http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... highlight=
  5. hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me i recently changed my front bumper mk2.5 since i done this the bonnet has become very hard to open so had a look today and i've realised that i've pulled the cable off the bonnet lock my question is how the hell do you get it back in i can see how it goes but no matter how hard i push it wont clip back in just wondering if there is a secret ford trick to this cheers. liam
  6. Hey looks really good with the tints is that the fly eye kit.
  7. am not sure to be honest just need to compress the spring to take the load off the bolt.
  8. have you put conmpresssion on the spring with the trolley jack would of thought once the tennsion has been takin away from the bolt it would justr slid out. have tryed other side?
  9. bolt might just be seized try sum wd40 on it
  10. that dont sound good am not 100% as i got garage to do mine are you able to put it all back togeather?
  11. hey ryan am not 100% but am sure you may have to undo a few more things but put the trolley jack under the rear lower arm right under the spring and compress the spring wih the trolley jack then take out the lower arm bolt then as you release the jack tension the lower arm will drop past bolt hole and the spring will pull out dont forget to re-use the rubber shoe that comes off the old spring this is pic off a mk1 focus but its the same idea
  12. Can you measure from the floor to the bottom of the wheel arch then I'll see if mines the same I've lowered mine on eibach.
  13. hey guys i am currently converting my mk2.5 1.6 titanium in to an st replica i bought an st bumper the other day and i was told it would need new under tray to secure the bottom part of the bumper to the car so as i was looking underneath and i noticed that there is no shield under the engine?? i am just wondering if ford never fitted them to the lower engined cars??? liam
  14. hey iansnewfocus, just measured and its roughly 4cm between the tyre and arch alsop measured from the bottom of the centre cap to the top of arch and that roughly 37cm.
  15. hey iansnewfocus, yer sum zetec s were lowered but they were on st suspension the eibachwill lower it a futher 10mm
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