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  1. know..... Anyhoo Pick up my new Focus CC-3 2L on the 1st March and was wondering if anyone had any info / tips on owning the CC-3. Any info would be great! :-) Gary
  2. Thanks for the compliment on the car, cant wait till the first of march. I read on a Audi forum that yes its possible to put in place a lap seatbelt without informing the DVLA, as this is not a permanent seat belt, I was just wondering if it was technically possible? Thanks
  3. Im in Moseley, thanks I will check with the DVLA about it all then Thanks!
  4. Hi All I was wondering if someone could help me? I am in wait for my Focus 2ltr Cab Coup on the 1st March, problem is that its a 2 seater in the back and I need to know if its possible to add another seatbelt for a booster seat? Any help would be great Gary
  5. I have no idea and im hoping someone here will, Clocks went back the other day and I have the sony stereo system (Focus Titanium) and I dont know how to change the clock!! Anyone help me please, I dont have a manual for the Sony Stereo system, im waiting for it from Ford!! Thanks Gary
  6. Well you are right, it has got half leather seats, no cruise control, and 3 spoke steering wheel. Would it damage the car if I got it changed? well firstly, I was wondering was it possible to change? Very nice car, still very impressed with it!!
  7. I have had mine 24 hours and im delighted!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  8. Well I picked up the car yesterday and I must say, WOW. I am not used to cars with a bit of power (living in the republic of Ireland for 6 years and their insurance prices dampen things!!) So In a get, my spanking georgous new focus. Turned the key and its a dream, 13 miles on the clock. Funny little things impressed me - the sun glasses holder on the drivers side. Lights in the footwells. The CD Player, well what can I say and with the 8 speakers. So in I plugs my iPod, hoping for some half decent sound, and well, nearly blew my mums head off!! There i was playing Prodigys Smack my
  9. How do you mean not compatible? There are 2 versions of bluetooth, BT1 and BT2.(Everything now-a-days is BT2) Both are backwards compatable. You should have no problems connecting. All bluetooth accessories are compatable, if you have a nokia phone and sony blootooth attatchment they will pair the devices. Some don't connect automatically, but aslong as you pair the device as trusted you shouldn't get any of the problems. What phone you got?
  10. Looking through some websites its seems I did get a bargain, im happy as larry on this one.
  11. Hi All Firstly, im a newbie to this forum and a lot of information has been very helpful, so thanks all. I have just ordered a Titanium 2.00 TDCI Titanium in Aquamarine. I got it from a garage in east yorkshire and they made a mistake when ordering a previous car, so I got this car for only £13,700 I think I got a good deal. Its not registered and was in storage, I will collect it on the 18th October, only 10 days..... So do you all think I got a good one? Thanks in advance Gary
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