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  1. That smell could be from a blown injector seal, happened to me.
  2. The more humid the atmosphere the more water will come out the A/c drain. The A/C dries the air.
  3. I don't bother with locking nuts. In my opinion they are a pain in the a***. took mine off and replaced them with standard chrome nuts, looks better too.
  4. It is the electric power steering pump winding down. Nothing top worry about.
  5. I have mine permanently set to comfort :)
  6. If you have the originals, put them back for the MOT. Simple. Then you have no worries.
  7. With regard to the stereo, if the unit you are taking out is of the rectangular design, then you may need some extra bits to install the oval type, the fascia plate is about £30 from Fords.
  8. Fitting the cables should not be a problem, remove the interior light and then detatch the cable from the base unit. Then remove the old base unit. Remove the passenger side windscreen pillar trim and the glove box. Tape the new cable to the old and gently draw it through to the door pillar and then route it behind the glove box to the head unit. Fix the new base unit in place and attatch the new cable. Replace interior light, pillar trim and glove box, attatch new cable to DAB hu switch on and your away! Good luck Mick
  9. If I remember right the costs of the DAB aerial and co ax is about 70 quid, to fit it remove the interior light, the passenger side windscreen pillar trim and the glove box. I paid about 250 for a 6 cd dab hu.
  10. As I said in my email, it depends on the quality of the DAB service in your area as to whether the DAB option is viable. Sell the square fit model first or you will end up with a large stock of Sony radios!
  11. You did a good job there Mick, the moral of the story is don't believe what the Ford agent tells you. Hope you are enjoying the new radio. Regards Paul
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