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  1. here in portugal only the Sport edittion has the cover and it's filled with foam to make less noise =)
  2. what I need isnt there =( I wanted to know what type of turbo does the 1.6 tdci use.. I think it might be a vnt17, but i dont feel like going to a mechanic.
  3. Hi there, Is there any program with all the details of the ford's!? Specially the focus!? I would like to know all the details of the engine of the TDCI For the Seat there's ETKA.
  4. kevin, iv got my focus 1.6 Tdci 110hp since Jan, it now has 3500kms...No noises (and the roads here in Portugal are the worst roads in europe) oh, and I have 18'' rims! very confy. Just love the car! I had a Seat ibiza before...and it had a lot of noises...I'm very satisfied with the focus!
  5. ehehe tks m8's. The focus only looks well in white with dark rims, tainted windows and lowered! Perfect & simple look...why complicate things? =) just got it with more power...it's fantastic!!!!!! 140hp for now...And in the future with some more engine mods can easly do 180hp.. I am very very very suprised with the 140hp..it is just fantastic...
  6. Yes, i'v planned to change that..and also the handbrake!! =)
  7. finally I got time to take some photos of my focus. I would like to share them with u guys: what do u think? I'm going to paint some black plastics white...And put a smooth electronic map for 130bhp for now....
  8. anyone re-mapped the 1.6 tdci 109 hp? Soon im going to send mine to remap..but as it still has a few kms it's just going to be something soft & smooth +- 130hp untill 15 000kms A friend of mine has the 306 1.6 hdi 110hp and it's now with 170hp, only with remap. It's a side by side with the BMW 120d I'd like to hear about opinions if anyone has any upgrade on the TDci
  9. Just tainted the windows =) here are some fotos...but cant see well.. I'll then put new pics, better ones. The other 2 cars are seat ibizas 130hp tdi now both with 200hp =)
  10. yes thats the constant temp. but what is muck more important is the oil temp but a lot of cars never come with the oil temp meter =(
  11. I choosed white! =) and I love it! I tainted my windows with 28% black and painted some of the black plastics and it looks awsome!... because of the contrast.
  12. not yet... then ill take some more... im between exames...so i dont have a lot of spare time =(
  13. here is another bad foto: just changed the front grill with chrom (??) to a black front grill ..much better! Im going to taint my windows next week then I'll put better photos.
  14. just received it last week! its a 1.6 tdci 109bhp ...its a sportvan...only has 2 seats and all the rest is boot space.. extras asked: - sony mp3 - esp - 18'' wheels - bi-xenon mods done: - i taked out the focus tdci sport van out of the back - changed the orange bulbs in the backlight to silver ones so it doesnt give the orange efect when their not activated - red reverse light mods to come: - paint job on some black plastics to make them white - tainted windows - better electronic map - kw v1 :twisted: the only photo i have of the car are these, but they were taken with a
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