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  1. Side mouldings are stuck on. Mouldings carry an adhesive strip along the top and bottom edge. There are also lugs that locate in holes on the body, but these are more for alignment than fixing.
  2. You could consider a nice mirror polished set of ST220 alloys :) Yep - I'm leaving the fold in favour of the baby brother the Fez ST. Ordered the car today, so wheels will be up for grabs soon. 4 good conti tyres with less than 1000 miles on them, and somewhat unique in that they were quite recently polished up with matching centre caps. :)
  3. This is a known problem - but was never considered sufficient enough to warrant a recall. I had the exact problem myself about a year ago. The washer jets arent sealed at all rather sadly (try removing one, its a little too easy). As a result the the dribbles in directly over the plugs and causes breakdown in the plugs and leads. I havent had the problem since, but should all be sorted at the dealers expense.
  4. No confusion - the sport S has been about for ages, and is just a cosmetic rework of the sport. Colour coded spoiler....blah...blah I haven't seen many on the road, but frankly I dont think the extra money offered enough in return.
  5. Whatever you do - dont seek the services of any alleged master craftsman that may be pimping their services on focus related forums....a big expensive mistake for me! As for the boot trim - easy job. - Open the boot - Undo the two torx screws located in the two handles either side of the black trim on the underside of the boot lid (Hope that makes sense) - A quick yank to to unclip the trim gives access to the rear wiper motor etc... - Remove the connectors off each of the number plate lights - Disconnect the boot release mechanism (small clip-plug affair) - Undo the four nuts holding the
  6. My glass rattles at certain heights too :(
  7. If you can get hold of a decent pic, I'm sure we can dig it out.
  8. Really looking for a close up, but will see what I can turn up.
  9. Craig if you can get a close up of the MS Design grille up here, we can probably narrow it down.
  10. Got mine on ebay from ultimate lighting - about 12 quid as I recall.
  11. Sorry - could you take a pic of your front grille? :)
  12. I'm pretty certain you cant get anything from MS designs, but can probably turn up a close second. Do you have a close up of the said mesh?
  13. As p5byn pointed out you need either a low to high level converter to up the signal from your speaker feeds, or alternatively an amp with high level inputs. Blaupunkt used to have these on a lot of their amps, but I havent gone down that road for a while so might need a bit of investigation.
  14. I'm definitely going to go for one I think. Just got to do my sums now and see what I can get. I may hold out a bit and put together a bit of extra lolly to add a few niceties. Think I'll get the car lowered at the factory this time, just for convenience more than anything else.
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