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  1. My 2010 does the same thing, noticed it from day 1.
  2. Top man, very much appreciate your help here. Thank you.
  3. Good stuff, I will probably go with the PC99-X50 first before losing another £30 on the one I mentioned. I take it the instructions will relate to the sequence that you mentioned or will I have to look elsewhere?
  4. Thanks again, It's the JVC XR811 and yes I want to control it via the stalk. (CTSFO003 for the stalk adaptor with can bus). Hope to post up some shots when it's all done.
  5. Thanks Jamz, I did ask the question in the ICE section but drew a blank. I will be fitting a new head unit in the morning and it came down to connector type. Car audio companies can't decide between them if its can bus or not so not certain which one to buy. Autoleads is £30 (non can bus), Connects2 is £60 (canbus)
  6. I have a 10 reg (59) 1.8 Zetec. How can I tell if it has can-bus ? One audio retailer says I have and another who says I don't. Is there an easy way?
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