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  1. Hi, When we start the car everytime it keeps cutting out but when we start afgain its fine. Soon as the key is in the egintion engine turns, starts but then the needle drops and have to restart, then after its fine but when the engines off for a few hours and go out again it does it again. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Mum has a new focus which she took delivery few weeks ago but every time she starts the car the front and rear heated screens automatically come on. Is this correct? as on my prevous cars you only turned them on when needed. thanks
  3. Is that the eibach springs or the zetec/sport option springs or damper things? cheers
  4. well I will do quiet a few motorway miles a week, is the normal 1.6 good or should I get 1.6 tdci? which really I dont want as its more £££. also any other things that I should or shouldnt add before ordering? thanks
  5. thanks for your reply, is there any other options you think are ok to have on the car? I wouldnt mind the ford sat nav but at £1600 its quiet dear to the wallet. any comments welcome cheers
  6. hmmmm also are the eibach springs any good? are they any better then standard ones?
  7. I probably wouldnt do much night driving so I can save £50 for those xenon lights and stick to the standard ones. Im still not sure about deatc and esp. People who have esp do you leave yours on all the time or at times wheen there different surfaces like snow etc?
  8. Thanks I dont think you can get rear sunblinds on a 3door. also I xenon lighting worth the extra £££ or is standard halogen lamps ok? cheers
  9. anyone else have any input? yeah I dont think I will need those pedals come to think of it
  10. Hi, Im thinking about buying a 1.6 ti-vct Titanium and wanted your opinions on what I choose and also some pro's and cons on them aswell. this is the spec im planning on. 1. Ford Focus Titanium 3 door 2. 1.6 Ti-VCT 3. Sea Grey Metallic Paint 4. Standard partial leather black interior trim 5. 6.5 X 17'' Split 9 x 2 spoke machined alloy wheels 6. Maybe Xenon Headlights with automatic Headlight Levelling&Jet Wash but not totally shaw. 7. Dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (DEATC) 8. Maybe ESP (Traction control incl. Emergency Brake Assist) not 100% sure 9. Interior styling ki
  11. You got heated seats and they are not fully leather??? I though you only get them on all leather seats? or is it not available on uk models?
  12. Hi, Is there anywhere that are selling dial or sportier ones that look better than standard ones? I only keep seeing standard mk1 and mk1.5 ones. cheers
  13. I dont think I would use cruise control tho. Im leaning towards all leather interior but if I go for that will i get heated seats?
  14. i like the way he says st bodykit dumb, obviously trying to get his post searched a few times ;P
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