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  1. It that a pinafarina badge I spot on the side!
  2. I'm looking to order my body kit at the weekend along with my side strips but wanted to definatly make sure it will look ok. Could someone please paint this black for me and change the blue strips to white.
  3. There are some real neat little touches to the new focus. Did you know that if you have your windscreen wipers on, and select reveres the rear wiper comes on to clear the window so you can see were your going! Nice! 8)
  4. Ken You will love your new car, I have exactly the same as you but the oil burner version. There real comfy inside, look good from the outside and very good performance wise. I didn't need the ST as I needed a daily driver. I have an Alfa V6 for speed an I doubt any ST would blow that anyway :twisted:
  5. I have the holders but I can't see any yellow wires, mines a 2006 jan model 2lt climate!
  6. On my 55 2lt diesel there is said to be a shift light, a red arrow, which lights up when up get near the rev limiter. When I give it a good rag, let the revs race round my lights dosn't show. Has anybody else sign there light come on yet! No sure if its petrol as well!
  7. Mine a 2lt oild burner! Thats probably why!
  8. Just noticed that my 55 zetec climate dosn't have the panel below the radio that the ST has. I have the sony cd system the same but were there is a blanking plate I have a recess. Is this a flip down cover for this recess or does the ST not have one! Here is a shot from foobar 666uk, hope he dosn't mind: http://www.focusstoc.com/forums/index.p ... lery&id=12
  9. mine is a 55, on the cumputer the car has to be at a stand still, flick though and there you go: steering options! normal, comfort, sport!
  10. should be, the zetec has this option so I guess the ghia would have!
  11. Settings are as follows Comfort Sport Original Comfort is light all the time at any speeds Sport is a little stiffer and said to be more responsive. Original is light at low speeds and heavy at higher speeds.
  12. TMD I have just bought that exact car and with a priviledge discount, met paint and sony CD I paid £12k for it! Oh and that was the climate too! Great car and good performance for a diesel.
  13. Really, still work for me! Showed this baby: 1.6 petrol for £15k
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