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  1. Can one of the mods please move this thread to the "2005 Focus (MK2) and (MK2.5)" section as I don't have membership so could only post it here and this info will be really useful for all Focus 2 / 2.5 owners. One of the most annoying traits of the Mk2 / 2.5 Focus is the fact that on a rainy day you cannot open the boot normally without water pouring into the boot. This is a result of water collecting in the gap between the bottom of the rear window and the boot lid. Well after 3yrs Ford have finally come up with a fix and are fitting it to all new Focus' coming off the production line.
  2. Well if they want to sell this vehicle in the states they will have to reinstate it some how.....perhaps this is one of the reasons why the US still has to put up with the MK1?
  3. Mercedes cars come with autolocking automatically. I can only assume that if you have this option, in the event of a crash being detected the doors would unlock automatically.
  4. Progammed mine too.....but then got annoying as I kept on forgetting to open the passenger side for.....errr....passengers so as my car is a 3dr I set it back to normal again. lol
  5. I wonder if anyone has made any progress with this problem apart from jfkpt. I was in the showroom today looking at the new s-max and noticed the door top seal is slightly different to that on the Focus (not surprisingly) but noticed that this is shared with the galaxy and the fiesta. Instead of a fairly stiff single blade with flocked backing on the door top these vehicles now have a double blade strip which are both more flexible and both flocked. I wonder if this will make it's way onto the Focus and if so whether it will resolve the creaking door problem?
  6. Best thing would be to contact Ford customer services department. The phone number is on the website.
  7. The only phones that are guarantied to work with the Ford BT car kit properly is the Nokias. The reason for this is that the car kit is manufactured by Nokia. My old K700i (and other SE phones) do not work that well with the phone kit. Although they all seem to connect first time and without issue, when you start making/receiving calls, sometimes it works perfectly and other times it fails to connect properly and you are left shouting at your handset that it is in your pocket until the connection catches up with the call. I have now bought a 6230i and although it is not as good as the SE
  8. Unfortunately not. Only way of locking that boot when you drive off is to remember to use the drivers door lock switch. Don't even think there is a key hole in the boot either.
  9. Ok first of all take the cradle back to car phone warehouse and get a refund. The only place to buy these cradles is Ford so head over to your dealer. I am surprised they did not try and sell you one. If you connect your phone via bluetooth (which you are currently doing) you can only make and receive calls manually and using voice dialling. The only way to take advantage of the other features is to buy a proper cradle from ford and then these will be available to any phone fitted to the cradle.
  10. Not sure if an upgrade is possible now but it would be great if it was. At a minimum you would need to replace both switches on the front doors.
  11. Aye VW group cars have it (global closing) as standard on all SE and above models. I am also sure that VW group cars with just two electric windows also have one touch up/down.
  12. I wonder if they have changed the alignment on the door catch too, making the door fit better?
  13. How did they manage to put it back in a different position? Finger crossed the creaking is now a distant memory for you.
  14. Aye the Ghia it is standard although the ghia is only a 5dr option. Gobal closing is also standard on the 5dr titanium (but not the 3dr - well according to the ford site). Global closing is definitely not standard on the ST but is a paid option. It also seems that you can now add global closing as a paid option to the ST and possibily the Titanium. Global closing does come as standard with the keyless entry system and this is now available on the 3dr Titanium & ST.
  15. Your electric window buttons should have a picture of a window on them. If there is no line under the passenger window and a single line under the drivers window then you do not have the global closing / one touch up&down windows. I don't think there is anyway to add this feature as it would require new buttons, controllers and maybe even different motors (but not sure).
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