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  1. Providing the C-Max uses the same type of headlight bulb they should be fine. Plenty of companies produce vehicles with HID lamps that don't use projection lenses e.g. New Civic, Lagunas and some older Mercs. The only issue can be the length of the bulbs fouling on the reflectors inside the lamps. I know it can be a tight squeeze in mk1.5 Focus headlamps because of the way the bulbs sit behind small reflectors. Can't comment on the C-Max. I strongly suggest you get the beam pattern/alignment checked at an MoT test station after you fit them, just so as not to draw attention with badly aimed
  2. When you say you have a set from your old coupe - what you mean? An upgrade/aftermarket kit? Retro-fit HID kits aren't legal as if they are replacing incandescent bulbs, they can not legally be type approved and will void your insurance. You will also be legally liable if your headlights dazzling an oncoming driver are proven to be a contributing factor to or, worst still, the cause of an accident. It's highly unlikely that a retro-fit kit with fail an MoT, and even not having self leveling or lens wash isn't really the issue, it's the fact the bulbs are not E marked/type approved for road
  3. Dont u live in exeter? shouldnt take that long for u then :wink:
  4. 3hrs 20mins to be exact... I used to do it everyweekend.
  5. Ah excellent, I was looking at them actually as I have a little dent to remove as well. I know they do work for Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin but it's always nice to have reccomendations from other people that have used them. Cheers for that.
  6. Nope, that definately wasn't me! I've seen him a few times near Sainsbury's driving like a complete idiot! Mine is a facelift model and is machine silver, which is quite a bit darker than the normal silver. Who has done all your body work as I'm going to be in need of somewhere when I come to fit my spoiler and get my colour coding sorted out?
  7. kensa, you really aren't far from me at all! Nice job so far - be sure to chip it as the 2.0 TDCi is good for at least 170bhp, giving you some decent oomph to back up the looks without really compromising on economy. I have a Mk1 TDCi Sport which bascially is the closest you could get to an ST170 TDCi with the old shape Focus. It's chipped as well and definately gives 2.0 TDi Golfs something to think about on the A30. I've got an FFOC sticker in the rear, albeit a small one. Car is silver. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you as well.
  8. Because you know much better than they do, do you? Care to enlighten us as to what the car is actually going to look like? As you are so adamant that the Auto Express pics are B-S, you clearly must know what how it'll really look. I really don't know where this trend to * * * * off Auto Express comes from. It's annoying, unsubstantiated and really quite pathetic. I have an old issue with a 'concept' rendering of the current MkII. Everyone here at the time just waffled on about how it was just a photoshopped Mondeo. Then shock horror, it comes out and looked almost indentical to the renderin
  9. That's more like it! That's what the current Mk2 should look like. I'm still holding out for the facelifted Mk2 - The revised ST will hopefully be a much better looking car. Hopefully. I dont think looking a bit like an Astra is a bad thing, its only the badge and the god awful interior that puts me off the current Astra. craigc_zetec, when you say it's lost its unique look, you mean it's no longer boring as hell? How can having a properly styled front end like the new Mondeo/S-Max possibly be a bad thing. The chassis and build quality is sorted but design-wise, Ford cocked up big style with
  10. It's not the injectors you need to worry about, its the fuel pump as the diesel lubricates it. However, it sounds like you've probably gotten away with it. If there's no record of it and the error codes were cleared, if the pump packs up within 3yrs, you might even get away with getting changed under warranty as Ford will be none the wiser!
  11. Ok, serious answers only now please? :wink: I'm guessing there shouldnt be much, just wondering if there have been any recalls or problems with new cars?
  12. A friend of mine at work is collectiong her brand new 1.6 Sport next week. She's asked me to find out if there any faults or problems to look out for on the new cars, aside from making sure the dealer has put the right kind of fuel in it... :wink: Thanks!
  13. If you think the Focus is bad, next time you get the chance, look at the colour coded door handles on a new Civic... How much does an RAC inspection set you back btw? I'm having rust problems and want a professional inpartial opinion.
  14. ngr123, it's a lot like driving the old 1.6 Zetec-SE; the engine needs a bootful of revs before it starts strutting it. :wink: It is the same on the 2.0 petrol as well. The both drive really well normally, but to get the top end performance you need the additional rpm. 1600 needs to be pushed as it has a VCT (essentially a variable valve timing system) system that kicks in at higher revs. 2.0 is a 'normal' but is a brilliant engine. I found the 1.6 a bit weak even when pushing it but hope you continue to enjoy the new car and welcome to the forum.
  15. I spend a lot my day on the motorway so i see a lot of them and I really like the new shape, although I much prefer the 3dr as with the mk1. Certain colours look better than others and the Zetec lights are a must! I like the interior, if feels more up-market and modern, especially as i drive a lot of Golfs and Civics (even Meganes, which i hate!) now as well. Not impressed by the current range of body kits, but its still very early days I've tried three engines. 2.0HE and TDCi are nice and smooth. The HE is an awesome engine with bucket loads of potential. My only complaint is that the 1
  16. Much better looking than the European variant! 1.8 engine option too... Sequential semi-auto box too!!! :x
  17. You'd complain if the UK spec Focus was massively over priced because the whole thing had been re-engineered for RHD...
  18. Makes no difference, all fuel in the UK comes from a small number of refineries. There's an Esso/Exxon one near me and everyone's tankers can be seen going in and out. The 'value added' fuels have their additives and things added to order. I used BP Ultimate and have found it to run a little smoother with a better throttle response, which became even more apparent when i had to fill up with regular unleaded. There clearly is a difference between the two types of fuel because if there wasnt and it was purely a marketing thing, the RS and Bluefinned Focus' would be able to run on regular
  19. Blimey, thank goodness for a fast net connection... Could you possibly scale those down a little bit please?
  20. The extra trim on the bumper and the colour coding is part of the optional body styling pack availible in Asia Pacific, i've seen it on Aussie and NZ Zetecs too, looks awesome, shame we dont have it!!
  21. Having driven petrol and derv versions of all three, the A3 easily. Cheaper to insure than the VW, better looking and the prestiege! The 2.0 FSI is a great engine but i strongly suggest you try the 2.0 TDI too - it flies! I also tested the Sport model with stiffer suspension. Dont let anyone tell you the Focus handles better as theres very little in it, and believe me I pushed it! Inside, there is no competition what so ever, it's almost like sitting a TT! Even if you dont intend to buy one, test the 3.0 V6 Quattro!! :D I loved it, so will you!
  22. Looking ver good! Lots of potential there. Great choice of colour, works well with the Zetec headlights. One question, why a sunroof? Does the car have AC?
  23. Car looks great, I love the look and feel on mk2 interior. Enjoy! :D
  24. Think about the camera angle of trying to film him inserting the key if the ignition was on the RHS - it wouldnt work very well. Either door would have to be open or it would be an odd angle through the window. They more than likely put an LHD steering column in the car so that they could get a nice interior shot whilst the bloke turns the key and hoped most people wouldnt notice. This is of course pure speculation! :) And yes, the ads are appalling, not sure which consultancy we have to thank for them!
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