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  1. Looks good apart from the graphics and call me picky but isnt that the old Focus logo? :wink:
  2. They've up dated since I last looked! Thanks very much for you help :)
  3. Thats been around for several months and has been posted on here before. Unfortunately, its purely a concept and only the basic shape has made it into production.
  4. It's too new, Ford would've had to have released what it was going to look like for it to be developed in the game, and they clearly didnt fancy that. Got sent the GT4 comp in my email last week. After much fussing over the pictures, I've entered the obligatory 5 times.
  5. I agree Lee, was thinking that as I typed but neglected to mention it.
  6. Cool, cheers been on the site, just couldn't find a UK supplier, did you email them in English? I had language problems last time i tried to contact them.
  7. Saw a new one today, in black, 3dr, with black headlights and nice alloys. It looked really good. It's definately a grower! Lots of potential.
  8. Where did you get the Wolf kit from in the UK? I've been trying to get some Wolf kit for a while!
  9. Does that mean we can expect similar figures from the 2.0 TDCi Focus? Will the engine fit in a mk1? :wink:
  10. BMW with the optional body kit looks awesome, rear wheel drive it brilliant too. But way over priced. Same goes for the Mk V Golf. Drove one yesterday, great car, and personally, I'd call it classy rather than boring, but that's just me. Also very over priced and insurance on Golfs is criminal! Most of the new french stuff is hideous - what are Peugeot thinking with that huge 'mouth' they are slapping on all their cars now?! Best looking froggy-car has to be the C2 VTS/R IMO. I actually like the mk2 Focus now, its a grower. Some friends on mine have just finished some market research for Ford, and apparently, styling and appearance, for the general public still isnt very high up on the list of priorities for car buyers. These are statistics from a huge survey covering a wide range sample of the population.
  11. When i asked the salesman what he thought of it, he said he preferred the old shape but went on to explain that one of the reasons it looks like it does. It's to do with European crash legislation. Apparently, the boxier shape is a sign of things to come as its safer for occupants and for people the car hits.
  12. Wouldve gone for magnum grey myself, never going black again.
  13. If i had £16k in my pocket, i wouldve considered it today. But then, i can get a second hand A3 for that so...
  14. The chrome surround is not acutally a functional part of the light and on the mk1 Xenons this couldve easily been make black for the ST. However, the reason I believe it wasnt coloured is that the Xenons we an option on other models as well as the ST. This meant Ford would have had to have made seperate black Xenons for the ST which wouldve been expensive compared to making black standard lights specifically for the ST. Considering they were an option anyway, so not every car would have them, it was far from cost effective, so a generic Focus Xenon unit was produced so that it could be used across the range. NB. Tested a mk2 Zetec today with Xenons and the are chrome again, more than likely for the same reasons.
  15. Was meant to have tried 2.0 petrol today aswell as a diesel, but it hadnt arrived. Sorry not much help, but they diesel was a brilliant car.
  16. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=59538 They didnt get the petrol one after assuring me they would, it hasnt arrived yet! Diesel was very nice though.
  17. 2.0 and 2.0 TDCi back to back test, they are bringing in 2.0 just for me as they dont have 2.0 demo car. Review to follow! :D
  18. Good choice in colour, black is a nightmare to keep clean and shows even the smallest of scratches. How long have you got to wait for it now? Colour coding will be fine and if done properly you cant distinguish between plastic and metal - bumpers are plastic afterall arent they!? And arent obviously a different material until you touch them. You could try getting it done by Ford at the dealer before you collect it? Especially as you know them? It's a common alteration made to current Focus' and will no doubt be popular on the new cars too. Looking forward to pictures of the car! Animal :twisted:
  19. As are featured on the current ST170, some of the mk2s I've seen (in the flesh) have black headlights instead of chrome finished ones. Are these an option or model specific? Just curious :) They make a real difference in the car appearance!
  20. Glad to hear it!! :D Going to book a drive in one asap to judge for myself, both diesel and a 2.0.
  21. They had several on display last week. I sat in one. They are very nice inside, I particularly like the short gear stick (bit like a new Corsa one) and the 3 door isnt bad looking at all in the flesh, longer door are in better proportion with the body, but then IMHO, the same applies to the current model. I won't be getting one though. Girlfriend hated it compared to my current car. That settles that one then... :wink:
  22. Saw this and though it was pretty cool. The new car is certainly growing on me and seems to have potential. This kit is really nice, not stupid and OTT, it complements the lines of the car and gives it a sportier stance. MS Design already have a body kit, chrome or black mesh grills, alloys, lowering kit and a nice twice exhaust trim. See what you think! Animal :twisted: BTW, so what if it looks like a LEON (a tiny bit, from certain angles), they arent ugly cars and I'd rather have Leon type styling on a Ford that a Seat!
  23. £30k for a Focus? I'll take an Elise thank you...
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