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  1. Very likely I'd say, performance diesel is becoming a very popular market all manufacturers what to exploit. Those pictures look the same as all the stuff that has been in press and all over the web for quite some time... :? I was hoping they'd show something new...
  2. Well, they made a good start, the new platform the Focus is built on will accept 4WD, which is an improvement on the current one. Ford are testing a 4x4 vehicle at the moment based on the CMAX, which shares the platform of the new Focus, so its looking promising.
  3. Perhaps they'll get it right second time around and give us something decent! ~300bhp & 4WD!! Maybe they'll actually address the problem of the driver steering the car, not the torque too! (btw, why cant we edit and delete posts in this section?!)
  4. Good point Lee, I meant to add that, the RS lump is more likely to be used purely as a power plant in a test mule to test other components rather than testing the engine it's self The 5 cylinder turbo lump is related to the old Audi power plant, but was extensively revised and redesigned for the 850 T5 and is far and away one of the best engines Volvo have offered, despite being 100cc down on the current version.
  5. I shouldn't of thought they will do a great deal of engine work, it will cost to much. They're probably going to use a lower power version of the engine. The T5R putting out 260bhp has a higher pressure turbo. Volvo do a couple of versions of the 2.4T, some with lower pressure turbos that dont kick out as much power. The sort of power I've heard about is 220bhp, which is about right for the lower power 2.4 engine. They are very well balanced and powerful engines, with the 5th cylinder making accelerartion feel really smooth. Several years ago, my dad had an 850 T5R and is was blinding. I'm interested to see what they do with the ST after all the hype. Lets just hope its not hype and it turns out to be less power the current RS. Not sure the RS will hold its value so well when you can buy ST that will be better.
  6. The Volvo engine pre dates the Focus it's self...
  7. Volvo engine is loads better than the RS one though... 2.4 Turbo Straight-5 From what I've read in the press, the new ST will be better than the current RS, speculation perhaps, but with the Volvo engine that'll easily be possible with 260bhp output from the T5 engine.
  8. The presenters do. Pretty subjective but these things always are. And they are able to judge is, because they have driven it, and it was unveiled this year too.
  9. There is a lot worse out there. There's a difference between boring and ugly.
  10. Repeated tonight at 7.30pm if you missed it. Assuming you can get channel 5 that is... :wink:
  11. Definately with Altered Corpse on this. RS just doesnt cut it. It was just rubbish and failed so many expectations - FWD and not even 250bhp. Handling is good - on a track, but LSD plays havoc driving on normal roads, as yes I've driven one around the New Forest, and it really does have a mind of its own at times. Golf GTi will seriously wipe the floor with it and it much better built. Having driven a 2.0, they are well planted too. I'm so glad VW have got it sorted. Cant wait for the new R32 (called the R34 now). Definately going to test drive the GTi asap!
  12. Watch again tomorrow night to see what wins overall car of the year... :) Dont want to ruin it if you missed it!
  13. Best family car of the year on Fifth Gear tonight. Thry seemed quite impressed!
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