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  1. I have titanium auto and thats what i've got. :)
  2. I,m tradeing my mk2 focus titanium 2.0. auto saloon in next week at Dagenham motors Woodford. Because i've had it for 2.5 years and i'm bored with it and want to go back to a manual. :|
  3. I have got a bumper strip that fits a mk2 saloon if anybody interested for free just pay the postage. :) p.s. it alredy got 25 mm holes in for the parking sensors.
  4. Don't worry I still keep in touch with you all as I'm still a member and sill got lots of things to say. :lol:
  5. I'm not going to bother with the new as I have ordered a mondeo 1.8.TDCi with the six speed manual as the focus will be to expensive and I got a better deal on the mondeo. :lol: sorry Im going for the mondeo but I have enjoyed owning a focus plus being with the FFOC . :lol:
  6. I,m thinking of changeing dose anybody know if you can get the the powershift gearbox now or it's not avalable yet. P.S. I have sent for a brochure. :D
  7. This is the link to the new focus saloon. :D http://www.fordeumicrosites.com/focusmc ... urdoorimg1
  8. Focus titanium 55 plate 2.0. auto saloon in tonic full leather ,ESP, xenon lights,rear parking sensors,electric drivers seat. [it may come up for sale in near future.] :lol:
  9. I like the saloon where do you get them from. :D
  10. I'll have to keep a eye on my one as I been useing manual mode a lot as it is good for overtaking It don't burn as much fuel as the kick down as you can just drop it down to third. :D
  11. My saloon was built in valencia. :)
  12. I changed my fog lamp bulbs in my mk2 titanium saloon back in october the bulbs are H8's and I got them from Autobulbs Direct Ltd for £15.99 the pair. if you are interested here is the link: http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/home.php?cat=660 :D
  13. by who what for were from how much :? As I want some parking sensors for my 2005 focus saloon as I can't see the end of the boot an had a few near misses. :oops:
  14. look in the topic above(focus mk 2 accessories) you may find what your looking for :idea: :lol:
  15. Yes thy look white insted of the yellowey white and the pics will be posted as soon as I can. :)
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