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  1. I had Autoglass do the rear windows on my MK2 Focus after it got smashed by an over excited kid with a stone. They managed to scratch the paintwork in the process but nothing a bit of Maguars (probably spelt wrong) didnt sort!
  2. I had my handbrake button changed too at about 20k thing broke in half! lol
  3. If you have a good audio specialist near by go see them, with mine they had to pull the bottom out as far as they could then you can slip a really small but long screwdriver up the inside and release the other clip. Annoying but it works...!
  4. Hey folks, anyone else had this problem?? My Focus 05 Plate 1.6 broke down a couple of weeks ago after saying engine system fault and then going into speed restricted mode. Got the AA out and they couldnt find a problem so took it to Ford and they found a faulty throttle body fault code and replaced it. The car has done just over 44k and now another one at work with almost exactly the same milage has just had exactly the same problem. Anyone else experienced this???
  5. Not to worry! Took it to my local in car specialist and they managed to get it out with only a couple of scratches on it, one of the retainer tabs had snapped off which meant that the key didnt work. They said its best to cut the faulty tab off as 3 will hold it in just fine.... Also just found out that I am getting a VW Golf as a comany car not a focus so the unit is also up for sale!! Any interest?
  6. Ok so I have a pretty major problem, I have managed to get a Sony 6006 unit stuck in the dash with 3 out of 4 release keys stuck in it! lol I managed to get 3 of the keys in ok but the 4th was tricky and now when it goes in no matter how many times I try it wont click into anything. Seems like I have managed to bend the release clip! I am getting another Focus as a company car and wanna transfer my 6006 accross. I cant even take the silver surround off as the screws are underneath the stereo! I also cannot get the 3 other keys out!! Any ideas?? Need major help on this one! Thanks Craig
  7. If it helps I have fitted a Sony 6006 to my MK2 focus, just plugged out with the keys unclipped the cable and the aerial and plugged the new one in it sounds so much better then the 6000cd. CJF
  8. not a member but just submitted my mail so I can join.... :)
  9. It used to be on the homepage when I came on here before but not it says you cant join at the mo because of a change in staff.... would sooner have a ffoc sticker then an Essex Ford one.... lol
  10. Anyone know where I can get the usual FFOC.co.uk white vinyl sticker to go in my Foci...?
  11. The Alarm is only deactivated by the actual jey with buttons on it, which the spare doesnt normally have, its the transponder in the key which makes the alarm deactivate. This happened to me at thr Ford dealership when I picked mine up he went to put the tax i and it set the alarm off and he had to grab my "full" key to get this working, It may be worth you getting a second full key from you local dealer and having it setup for your car, its tells ya how to do this in the manual. I wuld speak to your dealer about a second key....
  12. Yeah roundabouts are a killer I counted that to get to work I go round up to 21 of the dam things depending which way I go. Saying that my Focus has done 16k and the tyre ware is spot on dead even accross the tyre. I do go round roundabouts a bit quick but it doesnt seem to have effected them. I have noticed that the 2.0ltr petrol has different tyres to the 1.6 a sportier tyre note sure if this will make any difference, different compound maybe??
  13. Just about coming up to 16K and mine will be due for some new ones by 20k still got a bit to go till the wear indicator is level, I have done a few motorway miles though saying that i do corner a bit quick so was expecting them to go on the edges but nope even wear throughout..... Mine is a 1.6 (99) Zetec
  14. Just got a 6006 for the Focus off Ebay for 200, right result. Just need to get some removal keys now to get the old one out.... YAY!!!
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