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  1. That's right - it's how I stop the beeping when I use the key in the door keyhole.
  2. I have a Ghia, my niggles are: 1) The steering wheel isn't round 2) There's no keyhole in the passenger door. 3) Opening a door with a key sets off the alarm. (As a kayaker I have to take a non-electronic key with me on the water). 4) There's no way to open/close the windows wthout switching on the ignition. (Well, except the global opening/closing)
  3. Thanks guys for all the help. I have 'solved' the problem by removing the heater control assembly from the car. I could see the cam that pressed a button so I used a screwdriver to knock the top of the button off! I then had to shake the unit to get the bits out!! (What a vandal!). My previous car was a Focus Mk1 (2002 52) which I had for 3 years and I am surprised that I didn't notice this misfeature on this car. It could explain some of the terrible MPG's that I got from time to time.
  4. I got mine from http://www.siocommunications.co.uk/06-092B.html Follow the link from that page. I linked to this particular page because there is a photo of the Ford Radio on this page that the keys fit. You will need four keys (ie two packets of 2 at £4 a pop!).
  5. Thanks, I'd been contemplating buying the radio removal keys to have a look - I'd tried peering under the dash but couldn't see anything. I've also finally found a longer thread dealing with this in the "electricals & lighting" section.
  6. I find it *very* annoying that it does this. If I wanted the Air-con to come on then I'd press the bl**dy button. What wire can I cut to stop it????
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