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  1. Do it in the evening? Or ask a mate to drive slow along that road, leaving a gap on the road for you to take a pic. ;) Unless it's a major road... Obviously, disclaimer applies here (i.e. don't risk yourself, etc etc!!)
  2. Try speaking to them and see what they say before taking other route.
  3. Was going to mention that too... I didn't paint the pad, just left it alone. http://www.hypergallery.co.uk/fordst170/P1010494 I taped up the pad before painting it.
  4. I don't like this bit "via the fuel tank overflow pipe to the ground." We would see puddles at every petrol stations!
  5. I guess it's not suitable for customers then. :)
  6. Yeah, it's at http://www.etis.ford.com but I don't think they will let anyone sign up as normal customer. But then I haven't tried... so if you do manage to sign up, do let us know. :)
  7. Nope. They went online based, so there's no updated CD/DVD for newer model.
  8. Even if you do get it fitted, I think it must be inspected by DVLA or MOT tester or whoever does it. Not 100% sure.
  9. Of course it's worth getting it serviced because it will keep your car to live longer!
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