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  1. I have been measuring the fuel consumption on my focus every tank and compaired it to what the average MPG reads on the display. So far it has varied a fair bit, best I had it read 3mpg under, be exactly the same and worst it read 3 mpg over! Not sure if it's the trip computer or whether filling the tank is never exactly the same even if you try and fill it to the brim! I found the distance to empty reading quite accurate so far. cheers
  2. I am driving a Ford, why should I drive an A class??? you were telling me that cars made in Germany are better quality, I was just giving an example of that not being the case !
  3. I don't really think that is true anymore, I don't think build quality comes down to loaction it comes down to how the factory is run, take Seat for example they seem to produce better made cars than their VW owners ! Mercs are German and the build quality is shocking, as anyone who has ever owned an A class !
  4. thats very good, I am suffering with heavy traffic on the dual carrageway in the morning, 5-10 mph stop start stuff. Do you have any of that in your driving ?
  5. Is the trailer to carry the roof when its down ? :lol:
  6. I was very pleased that the measured MPG was higher than what was displayed, I have read stories about the display MPG being lower!
  7. Just thought I would report the MPG for my first tank, I will update this on a rolling basis as I know people are always interested in MPG. I did 410 miles until the fuel light came on from a brimmed tank, the mileage was done as following: 300 miles on trips to work and back, a trip to work includes 5 miles of A road, 5 miles of dual carriageway and 4 miles of town driving. The other 110 miles was mostly town driving, e.g. home to Tesco, Homebase etc. My driving style was enthusiastic in places, however I tended to take it easy on the trips to work. For the above the multifunction
  8. My car is a 3 door and the VIN says GCD so it's made in Germany
  9. Is it me or does the new 3 door focus look a bit like a squashed up Capri ....it's probably me, I see strange things :lol:
  10. Pete - still riding your R6 or is it hibernating like my Firebolt ? :wink: The R6 is tucked away. For this time of the year I have an old trail bike I potter about on, the salt on the road kills these fancy sports bikes !
  11. dave, I'm a motorcyclist as well (YZF-R6) so I know what hitting oil is like :wink: This was not oil !
  12. I had continentals on my Fiesta (cant remember which ones) they were excellent and after doing 10k there were no signs of wear whatsoever. That said it was only a 1.4tdci so it was not exactly a tyre shredder !
  13. think this answers my question: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/746569.stm
  14. What about the engines? There are still about 3-4 Ford factories in the UK, I know they dont make cars (Transit excepted) so they must make something?
  15. Just a general interest question really but where is the focus made, from what I understand the cars are assembled in Germany and the engines are made in the UK, is that correct or is there more to it than that ?
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