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  1. Hey I have a 2006 Zetec Climate 1.8 TDCi and I have had a few break down with my car as i am coming off a motorway after about 30-40 miles, i come off the motorway down the slip road to rounderbout/traffic lights as soon as my car comes to a stand still the engine just dies asif it has lost all pressure and wont kick in again until you leave it for about 15-30 mins, sometimes doesn't even kick back in. Any idea what this could be or what valve it could be. Also cylinder 3 injector seal went today and i have just took it off and there seems to be no seal there at all. looks like it has bee
  2. Well i just went down to it, battery was dead so i jump started it off my mates car then turned it over pumping accel pedal and third time round it kicked in and now runs fine but how long will it last =/
  3. Was it running fine and then just cut out as you were driving? So that would not be a cambelt completly snapped as it wouldnt start in the first place, this is the second time this has happened i changed my fuel rail and worked fine but then 200 miles later broke again.
  4. I broke down monday morning as i was slowing down coming off a dual carriage way, i got 100 miles from home before it did it, i droped down to fourth and i lost all power and tryed to drop it again and nothing it all cut out. It cranks it just wont turn over. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers George
  5. Which sort of key are you meant to have with an 06 plate focus as I have been told I have an old one and I'm meant to have the flip key. Also diagnostics bought up wrong immobiliser on my car but my key still works in my car :/. Can someone help me with this please Cheers George
  6. I have a MK2 5 door zetec and it does bow have an AUX port anywhere on the centre bit Between drivers and passengers seat. I have noticed that the MK2.5 has this as does the ST. What I was wondering was is it possible to just take out my centre price and fit one of the MK2.5 or the ST ones and just do the connection in the back of the head unit. Cheers George
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