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  1. Thanks again, Aaron. On my way out to have another go now. Incredibly curious to see this seemingly difficult bit just "drop down" in defeat :-)
  2. There is a lead running from my Sony XNV-L66BT labeled "Illumination", the stated purpose of which is to connect to some other place in the car so that it can know when my headlights are on so that it can dim the display, use night colors for the maps, etc. Does anyone know where this lead attaches? I have a Focus Ghia/Estate from 2007. No clue where to begin with this one.
  3. This is difficult - It feels really tight, it is just not really budging... http://cl.ly/5LuM I guess the large circle here ID's the clip you were talking about...but I don't see how it clicked in. I found some other tabs, two of which are on the back and you can't see in this photo. http://cl.ly/5KRQ Do you remember on which side of the larger metal tab I should be prying? Should the tab be closest to the windscreen, or my screwdriver?
  4. Pretty detailed guide, nicely done. I just need to install a mic in my front interior light as show in pics #9 and 10, to work with a new Sony XNV-L66BT HU. Can anyone explain how to remove the light from the roof? Are there screws? Clips? Does it pop out? I have tugged on it a bit but didn't want to break anything. Please advise!
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