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  1. thank you all for your comments i had my first turbo car (renault 5 gt) in 1987 and it is not the same sound, this sound only lasts for 1/2 a second and the turbo boost gauge needle has not started to move it sounds more like a small electric motor whistleing like i said it only lasts 1/2 a second mostly at 1500rpm but as low as 1300rpm and as high as 1700rpm unlike some i drive the car very steady so people who drive with a heavy right foot would never hear it
  2. any ideas i have a very small noise sounds like a very light whistle it happens on all gear changes between 1300-1700- rpm its not the gearbox and it does not happen when stationary you can only hear it if the radio is off but it is getting worse it has done 400 miles it did not make the noise straight away can any body help
  3. Thank you every body for your ideas
  4. Just ordered a new st I know the alarm system will stop most people but if some one steals the keys or worst still takes the keys off the girlfriend they can just drive off Can any body recomend a system that will prevent this at a reasonable price Years ago i brought a xr3 and the owner fitted a switch which needed to be held in while you started the engine a great anti theft idea Any ideas any body
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