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  1. Got mine in Jan - I will keep it for 2 years I reakon. I do alot of miles and do not plan to keep it much longer than that. :D
  2. IMHO I will have to agee with thirsty, Meguiars Deep Crystal 3 step system, did my ST2 for the first time yesterday...very happy with the results although it does take a fair bit of time...but good things come to those who wait and all that.... :D
  3. No prize sorry!!!! :D and yes I am getting better fuel con. than you around 27MPG, bet not many people on here can say they get worse fuel con. than an ST hey!!! :lol: 25 is pretty bad for a 1.6!
  4. 2 points to C2AYT, correct answer is the Severn Bridge :D
  5. Thanks for the responses Guys :D I like Pic 3 as well. Cheers Sugg
  6. Finally decided to stop driving my Sea Grey ST2 which I have had for over 2months now and take some pics this afternoon...washed him this morning then out for a blast this afternoon..here are a small selection of the pics I took...enjoy :D
  7. Delivery - 11th Jan 2006 Name: Mark Model: ST2 3Dr Colour: Sea Grey Old car: MINI Cooper S
  8. Try one of these, usually loads on ebay. I have one like this in my ST2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-CD-Holder-for ... dZViewItem SUGG ST
  9. No the way I understand it is that the recaro seat pack 1 on the ST2 is just the conversion of the rear 60:40 rear seat into a 2 seat sculptured recaro style bench making it a 4 seater. You also get 8 way adjustment on the passenger front seat. No Leather and no heating...these are different options again and it is cheaper to get an ST3 than an ST2 with Leather. Hope this helps :D
  10. No I don`t think so, my ST2 does not. I think it has became an option for Jan 06 builds onwards.
  11. Yeah, see forum below for pics of my 3Dr Sea Grey ST2 SUGG ST :D http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=103804
  12. Yes they stay on, and the radio clock, been plenty of talk about this one, see below: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=105532 Nothing to worry about my ST does it too...it is a stupid design though!!! :roll:
  13. fellows. I think the two buttons on the outside of the console are for the heated seats, which come with the leather on the ST3.
  14. Could always buy one of these if anyone is fed up with waiting: http://www.archersofashby.co.uk/New%20F ... _price.htm
  15. Glad I got mine when I did!!! I would have been gutted if I had to wait any longer than I did!!!! Looks like going to the Stealer and paying list price was a good option after all.
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